Josh Grant back on Yamaha !

He just tweeted this pic of his son !


I was under the understanding he had anothe year on his contract. Oh well he looked great with JGR before I wish him well he is one of the coolest most down to earth guys around sat down next to me at Seattle SX and held a 20 minute conversation with me. Good dude.

Awesome! Hope. He goes well on it.

I'm pretty sure thats an old bike.....

I doubt that's an old picture from his previous stint with the team, his son was born the last year of that contract which is why he left for honda so he could be closer to his family. Now that JGR doesn't have the same requirements, riders having to live and train with the team in NC, it will work fine for him.

I'm pretty sure thats an old bike.....

If you have any doubt, wait for the pressrelease this coming week !

i'm not saying he isn't back with JGR. I heard there was a good chance he'd be back there again. I'm just pointing out thats an old bike from what i see!

Looks like it has the aluminum tank set up on it, so it would be the current one.

I really like those "air" forks!! Sweet,

That is last years graphics, same bike that Brayton was just photographed on. I think it's great they're back on JGR and just proves that these guys both left on good terms. Good fit for all parties involved.

Looks like they fixed the bike's problems with a revolutionary new "no-fork" design. I for one will be expecting Josh Grant to win the 2013 Supercross Championship.

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