Rmz 450 cylinder

I recently blew up my rmz 450. The cylinder is trashed. So i was deciding on what to do with it. Should i send it to get it rechromed or try and put an l.a. sleeve in in it. I have read that the la sleeve has some similarities with rechroming it. some advice?

If it was me I would re-chrome. I think sleeve's hold to much heat.

Thats what i heard. So im just going to with rechroming. What kind of piston should i run. Vertex or pro-x?

Try Vertex!

What company does re plate on these cylinders? How much is it?

its costs just about as much to replate it as it does to buy a new cylinder, JE pistons are the only way to go.... i would not run a cast piston

Yep^ New cylinder with a JE piston. No question at all. :ride:

If you can replate, a place like powerseal or millenium will match the cylinder perfectly to the piston. Basically, you buy a piston and the renik the cylinder to match it.

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