Re: New CRF450...

I think it wil take a year to get all the bugs worked out, just like it did with the YZ400F.

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There are many guys out there still romping on 98 YZ400's. I don't remember many bugs about it. They went on a diet, but it was a great bike. I expect the 450 to be a nice bike that many people will ride for years to come.

I watched someone race his new CRF-450 on Sat. What I saw was the bike has fantastic power, you could see the front end come up with every twist of the grip & shift. The guy is a good racer and after watching him, I'm glade I took my name off the list and put it on a YZ-250F. why? I could tell the bike would be wayyyyy to much for me to "RACE". Now out play riding or open desert or some place like that I could tell the bike would have major fun factor for me, but to race, I would spend to much time like I do now fighting the power on the 426. After a year on the 426 I have come to terms with the 426 power but realisticly its still to much motor, as I could tell the 450 would be. That Honda is one sweet looking bike but I wont say anything bad about my 426 it's been one great bike as well, but I'm sure looking forward to that 02 YZ250F


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