07 YZ450 starting point

Hi All,

I"ve just set my sag to 98mm & wieght is 205lbs, can you guys tell me a good starting point for my clickers? Is standard ok? I heard something about the rebound being too savage. I ride mainly trails (woods), rocks, ruts ect, and am c to b grade pace. (40y/o back into fun trail riding with my boys). Any advice apriciated.

Cheers Brad.


I just got my 07' 450 Special Edition White, which only had 1 hour on it! Literally brand new 07.' I set my sag to 99-100mm according to my brother-in-laws measurement. I weigh 195 and used the stock clicker settings and they were perfect for me. I just went up to Durhamtown Plantation in Georgia where I mostly ride trails but a little track as well. The settings were great and the rebound was not an issue on fast trails.

Thinking about adding a GYTR Offroad 9 oz. flywheel for the tight stuff as it was a challenge not stalling it. Other than that the bike flys and did very well compared to the 07' CRF 250X that I traded for the YZ450. Except for tight stuff I have no regrets switching to the 450. I finally smoked my buddy's WR450 on the drag strip at Durhamtown after losing every race on my 250X.

Enjoy your Yammie!


Oh by the way I am 41 yr. old and got back into riding 5 years ago with my 9 year old son. Could not be a better sport to do with your kids!

If you're just woods riding, try the settings from this thread: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/881673

That's pretty much the first thing to try, and not just the fork, either. 175 is within the range the bike was built for, so you shouldn't need springs. I weigh about that, and the stock rates work fine for me.

Back the fork compression all the way out to start with, and come out 2 turns or more on the shock HS comp. Back the rear LS comp out to at least 12-15, and set enough rebound to maintain control in rocky sections. Start from there and see what you want to do with it. Remember that the YZ is a purpose built MX bike, and doing stuff like backing off the fork compression that far wouldn't work unless it was.

This is what I started with and my settings are still pretty close. I run a bit more compression damping for endurocross, a bit less for really tight woods racing. Otherwise very similar.

Thanks guys, I'll have a play.

Cheers Brad

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