Hey ya'll

I just got a 98 yz400. Im not really new to riding but its been a long time is there anything different i should do with this bike than i would any other routine maintenance wise or even riding style?

Different from a two-stroke? Different from a Honda? These are great bikes that tend to be way more reliable than they have any right to. Go through the bike and make a list of things it needs, they always need something. Grease the linkage and steering, make sure the wheels bearings don't have slop, check the chain and sprockets, make sure the chain guides are good, make sure the fork/shock seals aren't leaking or are too 'springy', make sure the air filter is in good shape, inspect brake pad wear, nearly every used bike needs new brake fluid, it's probably had the same spark plug in there for a few years, check the radiator fluid color and replace as needed, make sure it rips like it should, aaaand it's probably overdue for a timing chain. With all that said, you could probably do none of what I mentioned and still have a decent chance it'd run like a raped ape for five years without a hiccup.

It runs amazing after a carb and air filter cleaning and new plug. Are these motors generally noisy? I know i need to check valve clearances this week. It doest really sound like a valve rattle or tap though. Also i need fork seals any recomendations on those?

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