YZ450 Gearing on a SuperMoto!! Help Needed

Hey Folks,

I converted my YZ450 to a full out supermoto but need suggestions in the gearing department. With the 17inch wheels i currently have a 15/40 sprocket set up but can only "cruise" at about 55mph (I want to comfortably cruise at 70mph if popssible). Can anyone tell me where the power dies off in gearing??? Can a 16T go on the primary???? Is there a 5 speed conversion???? The Rims are Behr rims from a new KTM LC640 so gearing is available for the back i believe.

Check it out at :


Please (!!!) Email me at ducman57@hotmail.com with any suggestions

To report the final ratio at the 15/40 ratio, you can use a 16T drive sprocket, but i think that isn't enough to have a 70 mph speed "cruise". For this i think that is necessary change the driven sprocket, for example with a 37T. But, make attention: before to start with the modification of the drive sprocket, be sure that it don't touch the case (a 16T have a bigger diameter than a 15T)

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