99 yz400f lighting parts help

I have a 99 yz 400f and need some clarification on parts needed for a lighting coil set up. I want to use a battery as well.

As I understand it I will need: wr 426 stator and flywheel, I have 2001 wr426 donor parts for these.

Will I need the stator cover as well? I know I need a rectifier for dc voltage.

anything else? Thank you

I checked the cover part numbers on the 01 wr and the 99 yz and it turns out they are the same.

I've searched here but can't find any good links for the wr stator mod that lets it work with the yz cdi.

Anyone got the info on this?

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I put a wr426 ('01) stator in my 00' yz426, also have to do the flywheel. There's a post here in the stickies about the pink wire mod, which you have to do to get spark. Also, while you have the cover off, you can cut the ground wire from the stator, use the pink wire (which you cut halfway up the harness) to run back to your reg/rec. My old stator had two yellow wires, the wr has only one. The ground wire you cut and splice to the pink wire, then becomes your second yellow wire to feed your reg/rec. There is a very helpful post on supermotojunkie.com that goes over this. http://www.supermoto...light=wr+stator

As far as this stuff working on a 400, not positive, if the part numbers are the same, you're probably in luck. Grayracer would know best.

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the 426 parts will work on the 400. if you need a r/r we carry one, TT special $35.

Thanks Rk.

Ricky Stator I will be getting the reg from you.Wish you had the stator for this bike. The xr650 one I got from you was the best.Preran the baja 500 with that bike with big lights,gps and my phone being charged.

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