Need to ship a bike from Wash. D.C. to CA.

I need to ship a bike from Washington D.C. to Long Beach CA. Does anyone know which companies will do this along with their phone numbers and price, etc.

Put it in a crate, and call Forward Air. They are the cheapest and the best. Ship it from the IAD (Dulles) site and all will be good. 703.787.7405. I shipped a bike from there to Sacramento earlier this year. Worked great. Keep in mind though one important note. If you are shipping a motorcycle crate with forward air, you must have it surrounded by plywood or masonite boarding. It's their policy. I had my crate all ready to go surrounded by cardboard and they said, NO WAY. To much of a liability for them with fork lifts running around all over the place. I bought three full 1/8 or 1/4 inch think sheets of masonite boarding and self tapping hex screws from Home Depot. The hex head screw, you can use 5/8 or 3/4 i think i used. Use a cordless drill and a socket to thread them into the crate to hold the boarding onto it. It's the easiest way to go. Cost was about 35.00 for supplies.

Hope this helps. They have good rates, plus I would insure it just in case. With the boarding, your crate will weight just about 400 lbs if it's a 426. Good luck. smile.gif

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I also recommend Forward Air. I had my bike shipped from DC to KC. It only took a couple of days, and it was cheap. The cost for shipping was around $135.

I did this once and was able to get a crate the dealership just finished using. They often have to pay to get rid of them so will gladly give the old ones away.

Do they require you to drain all fluids out of the bike? Gas I'm sure but what about the others.

Yes, the say to drain the oil and coolant as well as the fuel. I guess if a fork lift were to somehow puncture the bike, they don't want fluids running all over the place. Just let the guy picking it up that he has to fill it with oil, coolant, and gas.

Used Forward air to ship my DRZ from Oregon to NY.Cost was 170.00 with 5k in insurance.A used metal crate from a dealer and used 1/8in plywood on the top and sides.The front and rear do not need to be covered.The gas was drained from the tank but it had oil and coolant and they never knew(nor will they in your case).Only hitch is they have hubs in certain locations only so you may have to travel a bit.It was well worth the 60 mile trip as others prices from other companies were from 450-600 bucks shocked.gif

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