Softer Seat Foam/Stock Height: 2003 WR450

I've been riding my new WR450 for a few weeks now and coming from an XR600 (leather couch soft) is tough on the rear end. The bike is just the right height and I don't need it to be much taller . . . only softer. The mod of drilling holes does not appeal to me.

Any ideas (besides standing more)?

I made the XR to WR transition myself. After installing a new Guts tall foam seat, I lowered my sag about 1 inch in the rear and lowered my forks about 3/4 inch. It made a remarkable difference. The bike now sits low enough and handles alot better on the tight trails. One of the better mods I have done to this WR. Got to be carefull not to lower the forks too much. There is a scribe line on the tubes.

Thanks for the info. I'll check into it immediately! Is it considerably softer??

yes it is considerably more comfortable.

Where can I look up the softer seat online?


Bstanton :)

Where can I look up the softer seat online?


Bstanton :)

I don't recommend guts soft in standard height, maybe ok in tall. It is very soft, I sent mine back to get medium foam.

With the soft I sank way down till butt hit base and made it farther to stand up. They do have go service though, and said they would give me a break on price this time. Send the whole seat and they put the cover on for free.

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