oil drip out of breather

Is a small oil drip out of the breather hose normal? the spot it left on the concrete is about the size of a CD.

I always get some out of my YZ426 after riding. I ended up making a catch tank out of some PVC so I could try and keep my garage floor clean.

Thats a good idea will help me keep track of how much im losing too

I first used a 1 1/2" pipe, it was a little too big, the 1" PVC fits nicely. A couple 1" caps, two barb fittings from the sprinkler aisle, some hose clamps, and a small filter I found at Autozone. I had a small radiator drain on the first (1 1/2") one I made, but decided to not do it on the second one, I'll just take it off and empty it when I change oil. For about $20, seems to work real good. The clamps on the breather hose help to keep it from kinking on the corners. I rerouted the hose to an area I though would fit the tank better.



Will be making one of these this weekend really like the idea of a filter on the breather

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