BK mod=Hospital trip

Well here we go....I finally get a day off and some time to do the BK mod to the 426. I'm really excited at the thought of getting rid of that pesky problem. The lovely wife is off too and we go do some errands and while we are out I get everything I need to complete the mod. Things are looking good.

While we are out we go to an early lunch and head back home. While on the way home I'm thinking I can get the mod done, test it out and still have some time for adult fun before the kid needs to be picked up. What a perfect day.

We get home and I am like the Taz tearing open packages of parts, dismantling the bike to get to the carb and drooling on myself thinking about how nice it will be to get rid of the bog. Got the whole back half of the bike off, time the spray and to my relief I find out the spray is 3.25-3.5 seconds. Damn, that is a lot of gas...no wonder it bogs!!

The lovely wife decides that while I'm doing the mod she is gonna go for a horse back ride. She has had horses in her life as long as I have been riding motorcycles (30+ years) and is an experienced rider. I help her get the horse ready to go and I'm still thinking what a great day. Spending the day with the wife, getting the mod done and she gets to go for an all to infrequent horse ride. The horse is ready to go too and I walk them to the gate.

I open the gate and off she goes. I'm like a fox in a chicken coupe, shaking with anticipation of getting back to the bike and finishing up. As I am closing the gate, a dog we are babysitting runs out. I tell her to come back (which she usually does) but instead she runs for the hills. She runs down the road and passes the lovely wife and horse. The horse does not know she is there and surprises them when she passes them. The horse spooks (very out of the ordinary for him) and the lovely wife is along for the ride. She does great and hangs on for about a half dozen bucks and I'm wondering if that is what I look like when I'm doing a flying W.

Well...she cannot hang on anymore and flies off the left side of the horse. She scored a 9.8 from the Hungarian judge!! When you launch off a horse like that you should hold onto the reins and in theory the horse will stop. Not this time!! She is now being dragged along the left side of the horse and he accidently kicks her in the head. It is now easy for her to let go since she is unconcious(sp?). She skids to a stop and the horse keeps running down the road chasing the dog.

I run to her and find she is out like a light. She is out for about a minute and a half before she finally comes to. Crazy thoughts running through my head as I watch the $6,000.00 horse run off into the distance. I'm hoping she is (or will be) ok. I'm thinking 357 mag when he returns.

I eventually get her back to the house and triage her injuries. Man, that is a HUGE lump on the back of her head. Hoof prints on her legs, scrapes all over and two pupils of different sizes. She has no idea who she is or where she is at. First thought is to call 911. We live out in the sticks and I decide that calling 911 is no help. I could drive her to the hospital in less time than it would take them to get to our house. Fill the ice pack (I knew exactly where it was!!) get her to the car and we are off for the E.R. at the local hospital.

Six and a half hours later we return home with her. The lump on her head looks as if the was a baseball under her scalp, her hoof prints are a beautiful shade of YZ blue and her scrapes are all cleaned up. She occasionally laughs at some of my sick humor, which is a good sign, and I tuck her into bed as she if full of prescription narcotic and she really has no care in the world.

I am thanking my lucky stars that she is ok, beat up and sore, but ok!! The horse knew where his food came from and eventually returned home. The dog came back walking side by side with the horse (go figure!!).

I'll try the mod again today. I'm not gonna let her out of the house!!



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Ernie, sorry to hear it. I'm glad she will be ok. It sounds like she suffered no broken bones or other serious injury.

Glad to hear your wife is OK. My family is into horses, and they think my dirtbike is the dangerous one. But, last time my stepmom's horse spooked she ended up with her arm looking like a Z. I myself have been hurt by horses, and I am yet to get kicked by my YZ. I'll take two wheels anyday!

Glad she is ok. I can relate. We have a lot in common. I ride a 01 Wr 426 and my wife competes jumping her horse. I wish her horse didn't cost so much. I could buy 8.3 bikes for what that animal cost. Shooting is not an option for me. So far she has broke her wrist. Sounds like you have a good setup, I wish we had the land to house our own horse. I'm sick of apying 650 a month to feed and house him.


01 WR426 Uncorked, YZ throttle stop, Grey wire cut, BK mod. Do I dare change to YZ timing. (soon)

Boy! That did suck. I am glad it looks like everything will be OK. Did you ever get the horse back yet?

Good luck with the next attempt of the BK mod.


Thanks Scott. She'll be fine in a few days...as soon as the swelling on her knoggin goes away and she runs out of prescription narcotics!! I'm sure that over the years you have seen me in a similar position except I was hanging off of a bike and not a horse.

How's your leg feeling?? A soon as I get the knee braces (this week, I hope) I'm gonna head out to the track to test the mod and my tired, fat and outta shape body. Maybe Sunrise on Saturday??



--Life is too short, work hard...play hard--

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You wouldn't go on the track without a helmet, maybe your wife will consider one before she climbs on that beast again. My sister does those upper-crusty hunt club things back east where they tear through the woods (sometimes drunk) chasing some poor little critter with a pack of dogs. They wear these silly little show helmets. And they consider dirt bikes a redneck sport. Go figure.

Cyclists didn't used to wear helmets either. At least that has changed.


Sorry to hear about this, and I hope she has a fast and full recovery.

Seems like there are so many sports out there that are just as dangerous as motos. Perhaps not as obvious.

Do they make helmets for riding horses that don't interfere with the aspects of the ride?



Glad to hear that your wife's going to be okay. As a goof, you ought to get her an old Moto 3 helmet and an old chest protector, paint them each black, have some fake spikes sticking though the shoulder pads (a la Metal Mulisha), some FMX stickers all over the helmet, baggie equestrian riding pants....

Then again maybe not.

It's stories like this that prompt me to carry a baseball bat when I ride horses. Riding anything with a mind of its own is not my idea of fun. If it's not too late, you could take a bat to the horse and then shoot it and tell your wife that after he bucked her off and took off for the hills, he ended up hurting himself and you had to put him down. As I'm sure you can tell, I have no use for horses. When you said your wife had pupils of different sizes, as an EMT, I know that's a sign of an internal head injury that's not good. Hope she recovers with no ill effects.





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I came into this thread looking to see how you made the BK mod, rode around the yard, and wheelied or spun around and cracked YOUR head on the ground, as the bike is perkier. What an unpleasant surprise! Get all better soon (unless are hopefully already).


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Thanks to all!! The lovely wife is resting comfortably and sends thanks to all for the well wishes.

Finished the BK mod this morning and OH MAN!!!! what an improvement. I was somewhat concerned after some have said there was not much of a difference after the mod. Twist it and I better be hanging on!! Need to fine tune the jetting and should have it done today.


This is the first time in 33 years she has gooten injured enough for a hospital trip. Wish I could say the same for when I ride the bike!!


8.3 Bikes?? Does that mean you get aPW50 as a pit bike too??


Thanks, the horse came home a short itme later...walking home with the dog!!


That is why the upper-crust people don't hang out with us dirtbikers!!


Yes they make helmets for horse riding. I'm thinking a brand new Answer M8 full coverage would be better!!

Husker Mike.

You're right...maybe not!!


Not gonna shoot it yet. Going to wait until the on the hoof price comes back up!! She had a concussion and is missing about 5-6 minutes of memory.

Thanks again guys, Ernie


--Life is too short, work hard...play hard--

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Glad everything's turned out ok. No horses for me, the bike doesn't need to be fed.

I missed the plane what is the BK mod and what does it do? Glad to hear momma is allright.please go into more detail about squirt time being 3.5 seconds I hope you are talking about acc. pump? I don't know if I could use more power both shoulders are stretched as it is.


Ernie, Great story!! Glad to hear that everythings fine, sounds like you guys have a good sense of humor even when the situation is tough. Great quality..


yzernie...Glad to here that all ended up OK.I used to ride our horse, and the only problem I ever had was when I would be shifting into a turn and the horse would be on the wrong front foot. The sudden impact with the front of the saddle was not plesent! The hard turning was some thing that you learn to do in concert with the horse and what "step" they are on if you want to keep your manly parts intact. We should go riding some time. I live in the same fine city as you. I do a lot of 100+ mile trail rides and go to Glen Helen, Sunrise and just tried the VMC? track last Sunday. It is a FUN track. My e-mail is

itsamre@earthlink.net. Mark Reha


Mark...00 426 w/plates,and $4000.00 of other attachments!

Since I know both of you guys, I'd like to join you sometime out at VMC. It's my favorite track, even though that's where I ripped my Achilles tendon off. As soon as I get my new bike, I'll be back out there.


What's the status on the wife?

Hi All,


Thanks for asking. The lovely wife is doing well and has returned to work. She has an amazing array of coloring all over her body. The nice YZ blue bruises are now all different shades of colors. The swelling on the back of her head is down to the size of a golf ball and the chiropractor visits will be starting soon. She still is a bit dingy (like most women!!) and will be riding again as soon as I get her a full coverage Answer M8 helmet in the color of her choice.


Will have my knee braces the beginning of next week and will be ready to start on the track again. It will be slow going at first but hope to be back up to speed soon.


We'll have to hook up with Scott F and go to the track soon. I ride from my house in Oak Hills to the cafe at mountain top (Wrightwood-Hwy 138/Hwy 2) for brunch or lunch. It is a fun ride and Scott would like it too. yzernie@dirtracers.com



--Life is too short, work hard...play hard--

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YZ... my YZ is street legal and we ride from my house on Fifth Ave. to Big Bear for lunch. But I'll go riding to anywhere just for the excuse to ride!


Mark...00 426 w/plates,and $4000.00 of other attachments!

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