Sheared off my oil drain bolt

So after changing my oil last week I noticed a small leak at the frame oil drain bolt. So tonight I went to see if it was loose and started tightening it. After about 1 and a half turns the head of the bolt plus about 3 threads just sheared right off. Bad news, I was curious if anyone has any experience with this and can give me any insight as to why this would happen. I am planning to drill a hole and use an easy out extractor tomorrow, but didn't know if there were any precautions I should take as I do not want to mess up anything any further. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Buy a left handed drill bit to drill the hole for the EZ out. A lot of times the drill bit itself will get the bolt out. Shouldn't be too hard since it won't be rusted on.

As far as the original leak, you probably just needed a new crush washer. The 1 1/2 turns you got we're probably just the bolt twisting.

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Like akmud suggested, use a left handed drill bit if you can find one. Using a left handed drill bit will sometimes spin the broken piece right out, if your lucky! But I don't believe a crush washer is going to fix your problem. More than likely you will have to use that Heli-coil to repair those threads.

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