Air Pressure?

Just a poll to get a range for what everyone's running front/rear air pressure?

I know that 17lbs is too high and below 11lbs is probably too low for most conditions. Anyone have a good formula for what to run in dry/wet/loamy conditions??

Thanks in advance

I stick with 13-14 # front and rear for some flat resistance. I ride in some areas with big ledges and rocks.

I have found that anything above 11, front and rear, get's scary. Maybe, if I was doing noting but jumps (no corners) I may go higher.

A low as 8 for the real soft stuff. Sand and loom.

That's at operating temp.

I have a WR, and I ride in both hard and soft terrain. I don't do much jumping.I currently run at about 9.5lbs (front and back), I haven't made any dents in the rims yet at this tire pressure.

For a while I ran the bike at 6lbs and liked it even better; but I think I may have put a tiny dent in the front rim by running that low.

I tried runnning at 13lbs and couldn't stand how much the front tire would bounce around and how uncomfortable the bike felt. I enjoy riding the bike so much more at lower tire pressures that I'll never go back to 13lbs -- even if means I'll need a new rim in a couple years.

Its my opinion that the suspension is so good on the yamaha's thats its difficult to dent the rims.

I ride mostly at Tower City, PA. Lots of rocks, plus soft sandy type coal dirt. I tried running around 10 lbs. both front and rear, and now I have a mildly dented front rim. mad.gif

I have since gone to around 14 lbs. in the front. Yes, the bike doesn't feel as planted, but I haven't got any flats or dented the rim any more.


I ride the desert arounf Phoenix. I don't usually hit thing very hard, but I still run 16 in the front. I had been running 12 in the rear with the dunlop 739AT. Recently a guy at Montclair Yamaha sold me a bridgestone ED78 or something like that. He said Paul Krause ran one Vegas to Reno and still had tire left after. I thought it sucked. It is the slipperiest tire ever. One day I upped the pressure from 12 to 16 and it was a totally different tire. As good as the 739AT is at 12 psi. Therefore my conclusion is EVERY tire is different, play with the pressure until you fing what is right for you.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

YZ400Court is correct. What I like you might not and visa-versa. You have to run what works for you. Experimenting with tire pressure is easy.


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I run Dunlop 756's and usually use tire pressure 12-14 lbs depending on the the track conditions.

"Its my opinion that the suspension is so good on the yamaha's thats its difficult

to dent the rims." Give me a break!!! What kind of riding do you do? All track? Do you ever do any off road riding? I went on a little 142 mile ride Sunday and in some places you COULD NOT buy a shovel full of dirt, just all rocks. Was running 18lbs F/R with a Bridgestone ED11 front and M78 rear. I got about 6 new "little" flat spots from this one ride, to add to the two bigger dings that have been there for a while. If you are going to run 6lbs, why not just leave the tube out and save weight?


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Maybe he's talking metric since he's a Canuck...

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