Tire sizes "mumbo-jumbo"?

I don't understand why you started this thread since you didn't listen to anyone and got the narrowest freakin tire out there.. FAIL

a 120/80 is for a 125cc

Don't know why you're getting so irate. I read the first 5 or so responses & the size listed in the manual, so I figured a 110 or 120 would be good. Then some other responses said the biggest ones would fit, but I'd already ordered.

I figured all the M5B's are big gnarley tires, and I since I'm riding a few miles of curvy pavement to & from the trails I was worried that getting one too wide might slide out in the curves.

I'll try a wider one next time, which probably won't be too long away.

I figured I bet not start a new thread as I also need some advice on tires. Now that we are approaching Winter I am going to keep my WR down here in Texas instead of Colorado. As you can see in the attached picture my D606 hasn't been doing very well with street duty and ill probably replace my front tire too. What tires can yall recommend I would go with a supermoto setup but as a highschool kid I just dont have to the money for that. I want a tire that I can really lean and carve the streets with and maybe a little dirt here and there (city power line trails). Thanks for all the help!


Glenn.. go look at your xt225 and read the tire size.. 120/80. you ordered a 110/80. good luck even getting your hand in there to get the stem pushed through on the tube. I'm not irate, just stating the obvious. :naughty:

enjoy your pizza cutter :thumbsup:

The other tires I have use 4.00 or 4.50 (are those inches?) numbers etc, instead of the 110/100-18 sizing. (Is 110 in mm?) If it is inches vs metric, then 110 mm = approx 4.50. A 120 would be a tad under 5.00

The Pirelli MT-43 that's on the WR now is a 4.00 because that's the only size made. My XT has a 4.50 Shinko dual sport tire that looks pretty good, but not a lot wider than the 4.00 trials tire on the WR.

Since the tire I ordered has a middle number of 80, instead of the stock 100 what does that effect, the sidewall height? Is that going to be a big difference? Does that number make the tire more narrow, if it's smaller?

The first number is the width in mm, the 2nd is the aspect ratio.

I.e. a 120/80 means that it's 120 mm's wide and the height is 80% of the width. The listing for your trials tire is the width in inches with a 100% aspect ratio.

If the tire Glenn chose as a 110 was any other tire I might agree . The M5B is a big tire. It is far from a pizza cutter. I'll never admit what tires I run on this board. I don't need to be scolded

And remember, all of these numbers are what the manufacturers claim as a close approximation. Just because it says 140/80-18, doesn't really mean all that much when you compare this tire to a different brand, as they all tend to measure them differently. Ain't dirtbiking just great!!!

It's supposed to be here Tues. I'll post a pic of it after it's mounted.

MT43 looks good. How does it corner?

MT43 looks good. How does it corner?

You mean on pavement?

So-so. It's not great, but not bad. It feels a little loose sometimes, but most of the time it's predictable. I'm not sure which exact conditions make it squirrelly, but I think it the real tight curves that aren't quite switch-back tight. It seems to be when you think you should be able to go about 35ish, but the MT-43 reminds you that it doesn't like to lean so far over at that speed. I haven't had any issues with it at speeds over 50.

I hope that made sense.

Yea that makes sense, thanks. I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and save up for a supermoto setup, I'm just afraid I wouldn't use it enough/get my moneys worth.

Had the 120 on my drz- buddy runs a 130 on his 450X- the 120 was pretty narrow . Can't imagine how skinny the 110 is. I'd try the 140 on my WR.

It's supposed to be here Tues. I'll post a pic of it after it's mounted.

So , where are the pics?

Sorry for the delay. Just got it mounted yesterday. Sandy blasted us and I've been on the 4 wheeler playing in the drifts.



Sorry the second shot is sideways. Photobucket...

Anyway, I think it will do, but you guys are right I should have gotten the 120 or 130.

Next time I will.

(btw, tires are much easier to mount in the summer. Next time I'm going to rig up a tire "oven" using a big cardboard box and a hair dryer.)

(btw, tires are much easier to mount in the summer. Next time I'm going to rig up a tire "oven" using a big cardboard box and a hair dryer.)

You haven't seen difficult until you've tried to mount up some Trelleborg's studded winter tires at winter time!!! Quite honestly, they will make you buy a second set of wheels so as to never have to do that again!!!

I always put them next to the fireplace for a few hours till they are nice and toasty warm.. And I'm not telling what tire or what size I'm running! Shhh..

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