Is it worth buying?

I found a wr426 on craigslist for $1000. The ad. said he let his friend use the bike and the motor locked up. The friend said he was going down the highway and ran out of gas and when they tried to kick it back over it was seized up. I know that there is no way in knowing what is wrong with the bike until it is opened up. I also know that a motor does not just lockup from running out of gas ha. I think i read somewhere that there is a carb problem or something like that has been known to cause this problem. I guess i am just wondering if it is worth the risk. thanks

Probably not! Things get expensive quickly inside 4stroke motors.

dont do it.

What if I was able to get it for around $500 dollars? If it is a bust would i be able to make some money parting it out? thanks for the responses

Maybe , but is it worth headache, probabaly not good if it locked up..JMO

I had my 426 rebuilt about a year ago, cost $2700. Could'nt sale it for that, but what can I say. It's my baby an I love it. LOL. Not sure how you would do parting her out.

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