Skid Plates, Which one to get?

I think it's important that it has holes, so it's easier to clean.

Ive had the lightspeed carbon plate for 2 season now, +120 hours and it has holed up really good. No cracks, and protects really good.

The only complaints I have is all the mud it collects and its hard to get out with out removing the plate.

used to be an alluminum guy but a buddy turned me on to a CYCRA and i gotta say i love it looks bitchin and its super easy to install. also super durable.

Are these plastic ones really that tough? I'm pretty hard on my skid plate. I've bent it slightly, folded the "wing" in a bit on one side, even ripped it off once on an endurocross course (hit the side against a big boulder in the rock garden and pulled the bolts out). At this point the whole plate is peppered with small divots and gouges. I've beefed up the mounting points and bent it back into shape, but I have contemplated purchasing a new one. The one I have is the GYTR aluminum (for my '08 yz450f). Have yet to damage anything on the bike (well, except the bolt holes), but the plate is pretty beat up looking...

Intuitively, it seems like having some flex in the plate would be a good idea. On the other hand, I'm not sure how well a plastic plate would survive a direct hit against a sharp-edged rock. Say if I hit a sharp point right in the middle, in-between the frame rails.

I'm curious, in what conditions are you using these plates? If it's for MX or casual trail riding, it seems like they would be more than sufficient. Just not sure yet if I trust them for the type of riding I'm doing.

used to be an alluminum guy but a buddy turned me on to a CYCRA and i gotta say i love it looks bitchin and its super easy to install. also super durable.

I still havent ordered a skid yet, but the CYCRA is the one I was thinking of getting. What kind of hits has yours took?

Cycra full plastic skid plate is a new product for the 10-12 450s, and they're coming out with the 06-09 version this month they said...I've been trying to get one for my 09.

Moose also has a nice plastic skid plate, but it costs a lot more.

I personally like the plastic cycra plate that is held on with cable ties. It does not effect frame flex and is easy to remove for servicing.

On my '11 yz 450 I have the works connection full protection skid plate that comes with the holes already drilled ( draining, air, less weight) and it has their RIMS system which has rubber mounts so it allows the frame flex like plastic. Looks great and works great.

The plastic ones have come a long way. I'm going to get one for my ktm dual sport as the POS aluminum flatland racing one is falling apart.

The problem with the 09-13 yz 450's is that you don't have the header pipe to protect your radiator hose. Not a big deal for mx, but it is super exposed for a manzanita puncture off road. The full skid plates protect the water pump, but not the hose or junction. Check out Whib's bike. He has custom protection for this area...... At least my header can't get smashed.


I ended up getting the Moose Plastic skid plate. It covers everything and it looks strong as hell.

Scorpion ones made. Carbonfiber turns into hay as soon as it touches a sharp rock. TM designs would be my second choice.

+1 I went with the Scorpion, better than All the Rest....

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