Often overlooked maintenance item

I was busy doing my yearly maintenance on my '06 WR, and pulled up the electrical starter wire boot and found some major corrosion!! It seems that moisture gets trapped in there and does some serious damage. Just thought I'd point it out to you guys with some pics. Add this to your list of yearly checks!WR450 starter 001.JPGWR450 starter 002.JPGWR450 starter 003.JPG

Manic, good call on that, I just removed my engine and saw a slightly worse condition than pictured on my starter lead, any thoughts on how to fix it? The bolt and lead is corroded to the point there are no bolt or nut edges...

Getting it apart once it reaches that stage is a problem. You may need to use vise grips or drill the screw out.

On older bikes (2003-4) it is a phillips screw, newer ones it is a bolt. If you have the screw now, put it back together with the bolt instead. it will be easier to disassemble in the future.

To prevent this from happening I coat mine in a good dielectric grease...

Also, be careful with the pressure washer in that area, as you see that rubber boot does not seal very well.

Good lookin out. Always check electrical connections that have boots on them. You know, outta sight, outta mind, not always a good thing.

Great post! My friend spent an entire week of tearing his bike apart trying to figure out the mystery gremlin and missed a lot of good riding due to this corrosion.

what do you do if the post is corroded pretty badly? is it possible to open the starter and solder in a new post?

what do you do if the post is corroded pretty badly? is it possible to open the starter and solder in a new post?

Is it corroded so badly you cannot get the screw off or a new screw on?

If so, you may be out of luck. That is a part of the starter that is not available from any source. At least not new.

The brush kit does not include it.

What you could probably do is find another dead starter that failed for other reasons and transplant the wire post or the end cap to your other starter.

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