BK carb mod?

I just installed a screw for the mod, but it seems a little loose. Is this normal or should it be tight? I am using two springs like mx393 shows in his pics. Also, the cover must be modified to fit over the screw correct? I could tap a larger screw hole, but there wouldn't be much material left in the boss area. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I used blue lock tite because mine seemed the same way. The spring does not feel like it adds very much tension. The cover needs to be modified. I would be careful about going larger on the hole. Like you said, there isn't much room there.



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Mine was real loose too (due to a not drilling straight...my fault) I packed the hole with JB weld and let it dry then I retapped it and now it is tight (the springs help if you get a strong one)! Or you can use teflon tape for a quick fix. Once you get the screw set where you want you probably wont ever have to change it so you can use loctite also. Hope this helps,

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