2 stroke oil

I have a question concerning 2 stroke oil

Currently on sons kx100 n yz85 I'm running hi test pump gas with amsoil dominater I see where some people swear by this stuff and others hate it any one have any input on this. I know there will b 100 and 1 opinions on oil but im hearing everything from valvoline 2t marine oil to klotz to blendzall. In everyone's exp what's best for protection and longevity back when I ran all we used was golden spectro or bel ray or even castor with 110 octane fuel or even with a little vp mr2 ...

My son likes to rev bike high so protection is key

Thanks in advance

I have always ran Just Valvoline 2T oil and never had any problems with premature engine wear, I reccon dirty air filters are way more of a concearn than what 2 stroke oil is used... and remember 2 strokes ar meant to rev :ride:

I know all to well how important a filter is lol. I guess my main concern is son is getting more n more involved in racing and I really don't have the money to put a new top end in every other week like some of the guys are doing I am considering bumping the 100 up to a 105 but don't wanna loose reliability.

Also what oil smells best in everyone opinion

I've run Motul Factory Line 800 Off Road full synthetic ester based premix 33:1 with 97 octane 'super unleaded' in all our YZs (used to have 85s when my lad was younger). I'm not even sure if you can get it in the USA. My lad revs the life out of the 125 but to be fair that's usually only 6 times an event for less than 60 seconds and twice a month.

Oil choice is a very personal thing. If you don't suffer a big blow up with what you use you tend to be happy with it. I'm old enough to have used Bardahl 2T back when I was circuit racing a disc valve 250 Rotax. Now that used to *stink*.

I currently use Dominator and love it. When I got the kids into bikes about 7 yrs ago and I got back into them, I tried a few different brands and so far, Dominator has been the cleanest and most beneficial to internal wear. My only other option is Motorex 2T. My opinion though

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