2012 YZ450F oil change, filter element

I changed my oil for the first time on my 2012 yz450f and the oil filter fell out into the bucket while I was taking the cover off. I threw the bucket away and didn't check if the was a spring inside the filter. I didn't see if there was a spring in it the filter and if the is no spring which way does the filter go back in.

1. Is there a spring?

2. What way dose the filter go in, does it go in with the hole in the filter towards the motor and away from the cover?

no spring, and hole towards the motor.... correct?? i hope so, because thats the way ive been doing it

There is no spring. The element should hold the cover slightly off the face of the case cover until it'd bolted down. I would expect that the filter can only be inserted with the hole toward the engine because of a safety tab similar to the one on the '98-'09 models (in which the filter goes the other way, hole out).

Also i am new to this but will be using way more often i don't really now how to work this post and reply stuff or to be able to look at my replys. do they take some time to post after i send them

Also the dealer told me that the open end of the filter goes towards the motor and that the closed end goes to the cover. He also told me that there is no spring that goes in the filter.

Would you look at that....

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