Am I missing something?

I've had my bike torn down for a while now 09yz450. I'm going to put new front wheel bearings in and I have the 2 bearings and seals obviously. I also have 2 spacers . Is there a collar I am also suppost to have? If so can I still ride till it comes in?

There's a spacer that goes between the two bearings, inside the hub. If you don't have your old bearings out yet, it's still in there. Looks like a section of 1" tubing about 2 1/2" long. If you don't have it, don't try using the wheel.

So it can't come out if the bearings aren't out?


Hmm ok then, ill check when I get out of class.

The reason I have a feeling it isn't there is because I rode for about 10 mins and noticed a spacer on my rotor side had pushed in the inner race of the bearing on that side..

If you over tighten the axle can thahappen?

Not if everything's assembled right. The purpose of the center spacer is to prevent the bearing races from moving inward toward the center as the axle is tightened. If you tightened the axle enough (usually only possible with rear axles), you could crush the center spacer slightly, but normally not the front.

A mistake that can be made is to fail to seat the bearings completely because they got tilted in the socket as they were installed. This would leave clearance between the two inner races and the center spacer, and if the bearings are jammed well enough, tightening the axle won't seat them. The result would be inner races pushed inward, binding the bearings, much as if the spacer were simply missing.

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