2011 Front number plate

Anyone find a decent fitting front number plate to replace the headlight assembly??

Ive been looking around and cant seem to find much.. Didnt know if anyone ever tried to adapt a YZ

number plate to the WR.??

I have YZ plate on my 2011. You need to cut down the top centered mounting flange and zip tie it to your speedo mount and thats it. Bottom lines up with the lower tripple tree pins just fine. Should take about 5 minutes to mount.

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Exactly what I was looking for..It looks pretty good?? Thanks..

It looks perfect. only nit pick is that it leans slightly forward from the "rake" on the forks. But nobody will notice, nor say anything. (that is because they have to catch you first!!!) I just looked for the cheapest yz450 plate on ebay. Check motocycle super store.com too. Did mine and my son's with diff year late model yz plates and both fit fine.

I can post pics but dont know how as I dont have a "hoster" for the pics. Is there a tutorial on this site?

You will like the bike, it is a 2011 wr450 in all retro Bob Hanna yellow and 1980's graphics. (just need help posting them)

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Sounds nice, id like to see it..

I use photobucket to host my pics.. Once you have acct set up it with photobucket, you can just copy and paste the links on here.. Im probably not a good one to try to explan it to you.. I just mess around with it til I get a picture to show up..

This is the bike before the FMF powercore. You can see the number plate is leaning a bit forward due ot he speedo. It gets bigger if you click on it. the shrouds are black 2007 YZ450 and fit fine with the exception of the top two gas tank bolts, they are just zip tied together as there was no way in hell the holes would reach the threaded holes in the tank.


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Like the colors!! Is that a WR front fender?? It looks like it bigger than mine..?? I wonder if there is something that can be done to relocate the enduro computer to get the top of that number plate back a tad.??

With enough time & money, you can do anything!! Probably the easiest would be to remove the stock computer and replace it with an Endurance or Vapor etc.. They are usually quite a bit smaller which will give you some leeway in moving the numberplate back to get the desired look. And you won't destroy the expensive stocker in a crash!!

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