400f compared to a 250f

I currently own a 99 yz400 and I am considering a 250f instead. I have never riden one though. I am just getting back into riding after 15 years, I used to race 125's and this 400 seems more like it rides me at times. I am not sure if I am just to old for the sport or (I'm 32) or just out of practice. I am just wondering if the 250f would be a good compromise, without going with a lighter 2 stroke 250. The 400 seems like it is very heavy and when it goes down ,it goes down hard. If anyone has ridden both bike please give me your opinions. THANKS Jim

Jimmy, I have a 01' 426 and I love it. However, the YZ 250 F is also a blast to ride. It really moves out, feels light, and seemed a lOT quicker than an XR 400 I rode this summer. The 250F doesn't have the "hit", or the front wheel lifting torque like the 400 or 426, but it still hauls ass. I don't think that you will be dissapointed with the 250 F, I would get one before I got another 2-stroke. However, I don't race any more (33 years old), not because I'm too old, but because my pregnant wife vetoed it. smile.gif

Good luck,


a YF250F with the Vortex ignition and DR.D pipe and the BKmod is getting very close to the punch of the 400. still not the same, but lofting the front is not an issue - just a twist of the throttle.


Too old?? Man, you guys are really makin' me feel fortunate! I also have a '99 YZF400 and hadn't been on a dirt bike for more than 20 years until 2 months ago when I got it! I can't believe I stayed away so long...and I also test rode the YZF250, but it didn't have the grunt of the 400...oh, BTW, I'm just shy of 44, but feel like I'm about 24 when I'm on the bike!

You are definitely not too old!

I'm 32 now, and the '99 YZ400 was my first real MX bike (I was 30 when I got it). And believe me, I was scared to death of it for the first couple of months.

That bike will rip, but you have to ride it different than a 2-stroker.

The only 250F I have ridden was a WR250F so I don't think the comparison would be accurate.

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I agree with Hokie! When I was a kid, I ran an xr80 into the ground. At age 26, I got my "first" real bike. It was a hairy backed 88 cr500 monster. (I guess David Bailey is still my ultimate hero.) My first couple of months riding it had me convinced that it would kill me. Expecially across a long set of sand whoops I used to ride. (Headshake from hell!) Before long I had it tamed! Almost bought the Service Honda bike untill I rode a 99 yz400. I was sold and put a deposit on my 00/426. At 32, I'm in better shape, and I've learned to finese a big machine around. It's not for everyone, but I believe that a yz250f would be usefull on a motocross track and (no offense to you happy yz250f riders) weak at any open riding area.


P.S. I still miss that old cr beast of mine! What great times and memories!

Please no crying about about age 32 frown.gif

Could your fitness really be the question, It's not dig, I mean I don't know right ?

I had not ridden for 10 years and got on my buddies 426 and gave it a go. First impression was way to much power and too heavy. I opted for the 250f and it was great for a while untill I regained some of my riding techniques. I found myself craving more low end grunt so I installed the Dr. D pipe, P-38 and half c/f airbox. These mods made the 250f rip! After riding for about 8 months, I got a chance to ride my buddies 426 again and I fell in love with it. The weight was no longer an issue and the power was awesome. I am not unhappy with my choice of buying the 250f, it is a great bike and easy to ride, ultimately I would like to have both. If I had bought a 426 to begin with, I probably would have become frustrated with the weight and starting issues and not have progressed as fast. Now that I have learned the starting techniques, the 426 is no problem for me. I guess IMO, you can't go wrong with the 250f, ride it for a while untill you really feel comfortable with your riding abilities and then trade up if you feel the need for more power. There are tons of riders that would like a 250f and it shouldn't be to difficult to get rid of. A friend of mine that rides a 426 really want's a 250f, it is just a matter of preference. Ride both and then decide. Hope this helps and good luck in making your decision...


If there's a way to crash, Ill find it...

Jimmy K: You are just a kid. I started racing at 39, I am 42 now. I know a couple guys in their 50s that are faster than most 20 year olds. There are lots of 40+ TT guys here that are racers. I watched MotoMan race his YZ250F in the combined A-B MX class. He won the B class and beat most of the A guys, and he is 40. This was against 426s, KTMs, and 250 2strokes on a high speed open course that supposedly would not favor a less powerful bike.

I have a WR250F with all the mods and a DrD pipe. I think it is the perfect enduro bike. I have a YZ426 that I race HS and MX with, its a blast to ride on our track but a handful for me in tight terrain, you can really feel it in tight loose corners and s turns. I may be faster on the WR250F in longer races, probably test that out soon by switching back and forth in our upcoming HS series.

I have spent alot of time on the YZ250F. The 250Fs are unbelievably fun and versatile. Cornering is just incredible. I had a 99 YZ400 and would take a 250F over it any day. Yes the weight difference is very noticeable, and the stock suspension is way better than the 99. I thought the 99 felt heavier than my 426.

The only downside to the 250F is if you are heavy. I weigh 190 and feel like the bike is a little too lightly sprung for me, and I would be shifting alot more on the 250F. I bought my 426 before the 250F were out, so it was not a choice for me at the time. But with reworked suspension and a DrD pipe, maybe the Vortex ignition, I would probably be very happy on the MX and HS track with the YZ250F. But that is starting to get expensive. I am thinking of going to a CRF450 because people say it feels like the YZ250F.

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