Looking to stiffen my suspension help

I have only had my 09 wr450 for a couple months now, it's been great on the trails but I started jumping it and it keeps bottoming out on small stuff. How do I make it as stiff as possible front and rear for the wr stock suspension ? (I know it's not near as stiff as a yz)

how much do you weigh

I weigh in around 175 with all my gear on. I have the stock springs but went with smart performace valving. It is excellent for trails but I would need some stiffer springs to do much moto on the bike. I have moto'd it a few times and just have to make sure I wear minimal gear and clear all the jumps perfectly, so naturally I spreigned my ankle :banghead:

If you weigh any more than me than you are definitely going to need some stiffer springs.

About 170 lbs

Front springs are notoriously soft

They are supposed to be 0.46kg std, but mine actually measured 0.41kg, so I replaced them with proper 0.44kgs/mm (then went up again to 0.46kgs/mm later on) and it made the world of difference (along with the gold valves) - suspension shop said that WR springs are always softer than the quoted 0.46kgm in the manual.

Get your front springs measured before you do anything

On the rear, see if you can get the sag correct at 25mm/100mm -if not you're gonna need a different spring as well

Forks also have a design issue - they don't use a traditional shim stack on the base valve, but a funny set up where 4 thick shims are held against the valve with a big strong spring - the result is they feel harsh over roots and small bumps, yet blow through the stroke and bottom out on landings from quite small jumps (not helped by the soft springs)

No amount of pissing about with oil, and oil level will cure it.

This will explain - http://www.thumperta...50-fork-valves/

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As others have said, your going to need the correct spring rate, both front & rear first. Then sadly, your still probably going to need to send it out to get revalved. As GuyGraham said, the foks need a valving change as stock they don't work all that well.

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