NEW air filter wr 450 (2012)

Hello all i am driving a 2012 Wr 450 i was in the market for a new air filter i was just going to buy a uni one but i found this on online

K&N X-Stream Air Filter

seems to have a load of great reviews and the decription states its ideal for very dusty roads. alot of my friends told me not to go with it because the k&n are to porrious for dirtbikes. anyone have any issues with this model

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the stock airfilter, it will protect your motor far better than any aftermarket filter.

and K&N is pure TRASH

Stay away from K&N. Unless you like rebuilding engines for fun.

I agree with all the above. Use a uni or twin air, and of course the stocker is also excellent :thumbsup:

Stock filters seem to be of good quality and see no reason to change. Tryed a Twinn Air (dealer matched part number for 20012) and it did not fit the holder near as well as stock. Good filter oil and a little grease (Maxima, Belray) will keep you good.

Thanks very much for the help

+ 1 for Twin Air, much easier to change out and clean. K&N is terrible.

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