She's gotta go, so what's she worth?

The 04 red bike is coming, so the WR has got to go! :D So, help a brutha out and let me know how crappy my resell value is! :)

99 Yamaha WR400

* Stock Motor

* CRD Absolute Power II Can w/ stainless header

* CRD Frame Guards and Enduro Skid Plate

* Newer Serfas Spider Grips

* ASV Inventions Pro Model Lever w/ Integrated Decomp Lever

* Pro Tapers

* RTT Steering Stabilizer

* IMS 3.3 Tank

* Gripper Seat Cover (N-Style)

* New Rear Tire

* New Gold RK 520 Chain

* New Fastway Rino Graphics

* Barum's Pro Aluminum Speedo Eliminator

* DR. D Carbon Fiber Air Box w/ Twin Air Filter

* Pro Moto Billet "Kick It" Aluminum Side Stand

* YZ Front Plate/Rear Fender (stock headlight and rear fender comes with)

* 5 Rides on MX Tech Custom Suspension (200lbs. 60% off-road, 40% MX)

In terms of condition, on a scale of 1-10, I'd say a 7.5 to 8. This bike needs nothing and is trail/track ready.

So, what's a realistic range for the west? :D


I would say $3,000.00


I say maybe 2600-2900. I got 2900 for my 99 yz400 in May. It was in good shape and had a rare Calif plate too.

Good luck!

If it were me i would put it back to as stock as possible and sell it for $2600-2800. Then sell off the extras.

I just sold my ktm 300 and had no offers with a boatload of extras.I took everything off and took off $400 and it sold quick and i had multiple offers. i then sold the extras and ended up with $300 more than i really wanted :) (no ego i'm not giving it to ya)

So what did you get the 450 or 250?

Maybe i was wrong :) I looked it up on cycletrader and they look to be in the $3000 range.One is down your way and they are asking $3200.

Good Luck :D

Bryan, ditto on the 2500 to 3000 range. Tough time of year to sell in some markets. Surely someone on this forum is looking for a trick WR. Good luck and keep us posted on the Honda. I assume you will off road it?

The 04 red bike is coming

Brian!!! What the heck. You'r ditchin us to go to the dark side ??? :)

The 04 red bike is coming

Brian!!! What the heck. You'r ditchin us to go to the dark side ??? :)

04 CRF450R... Still love Yamaha, but this is the machine for me. I'll put blue plastic on it for ya! :D

Bryan, congrats on the new CRF... Those bikes are sweet!! Pretty much a do all bike with Honda reliability.... :)

I think your bike is worth around 3k. Put your bike in the recycler and the cycletrader.. You'll get some bites for sure...

good luck, Dan

I'll put blue plastic on it for ya!

Only way to make a Honda look nice :)

Actually I shouldn't talk. I am looking at getting a 04 CRF250x next year. :D

I'm just coming full circle. Started on Yamaha, went to Honda, back to yami, now back to Honda. Heck, I want one of everything! :)

For the recond, my WR always ran flawlessly and I NEVER had ANYTHING shell out on me. This bike ran and performed perfectly. How do they do that? :D

Yo Bryan,

You gotta get that thing dirty when you get it! Let's go riding! :D:)

You'll be the first I call! And, I'm not stingy... I'll let you help me break her in... :)

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