New Rider - Old bike

Hi, I just bought my first dirt bike, I'm older (37) and had a street bike when I was younger but I wanted to trail ride and I like to tinker with motors a little.

I have a '95 XR600R and picked up the clymer manual for it. I adjusted the valves (had/has ticking sound) and changed the oil. The manual says it should take 2.1 qts of oil. I only was able to drain one qt (oil level read ok before I drained it) and it would only take one qt. Can someone tell me if that's a misprint in the clymer and any other tuneup advice would be appreciated. Oh btw the ticking sound did get quieter but I think it's still there unless I am just hearing things now. Are these motors typically noisy (non exhaust)?


Did you drain it per instructions in the manual? Also you should warm the bike up and then check the oil again. After the bike is warmed up add to bring it up to full.

Did you remove the drain bolt from the bottom of the frame downtube and get all the oil out of the frame? When I change my oil, I put a quart in the dipstick (up by the steering head) and dump one more in through the access bolts for the rockers. I've tried to put too much in the downtube too quick and made a big mess.

Thanks Chorbelt, that was it!

I had problems with the fill tube overflowing also, I'll give that a try next time. I still have a problem with a noisy valve, I will recheck my gaps tonight. Using the screwdriver stethoscope it sounds like my noise is coming from r/h intake.

Thanks again..

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