Just saying

Just saying I wish they made a kit to put a 6 speed gear box in my 426.

For woods or a MX track the bike is great but out here in the desert I wish I had anouther gear to shift up into.

My Old RFS KTM 560 had the 6 speed or Warp speed gear that was the only bike I ever ownned you back out of it the topend was some time got hairy at 120+ MPH on the dirt.

I like the Yamaha much better as in feel of the bike than the KTM and feel more at home on the Yamaha than the KTM.

I tryed to try diffrent sprocket set up to get more topend you loose to much off the bottem end and the bike dont have the grunt I would want comming out the hole.

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I think I've seen a post or two about swapping wr gears in for a wider ratio and better top end.

I live in the desert also and man I wish for that "extra" gear. My riding prtner rides an xr400 and I'm winding out to stay up with him on the jeep roads. Now single track, its perfect.

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