Looking to make a 2006 Anniversary Edition...need help

I have always wanted one of those 50th anniversary editions so I thought I would convert my blue baby for this riding season. I can't seem to find yellow plastics or the yellow and black graphic kit anywhere. Have any of you guys done this to a formerly blue bike? Know any place to get the goods?

I thought One Industries sold a kit.

You can probably get the works from Yamaha, but the prices on the graphics are murderous.

The cheapest way would be to get the OEM plastics, which are pretty reasonable, and have the kit custom done by Decal Works, Dirt Digits, etc.


for side covers.... all 50th anniversary is listed as light reddish yellow solid or "LRYS"


and for fenders. once again look for "LRYS"

But as stated above, prices for graphics for the 50th anniversary are steep. Plastics are about the same as blue. Any time I have to replace one of mine I cringe slightly.

Just about any oem supplier will list the color as LRYS.

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