Rear wheel play 2000 YZ426

I was doing my post ride checks on the 426 before I put it away when I noticed the rear wheel has slight side to side movment I never noticed before.

I pulled the wheel off and removed the Bearings they seems tight and good but the bearings more or less drop in with out being pressed in as most othe bikes I have had in the past.

I also noticed it only has 1 Snap ring on the brake side thats hold the bearing in with the bearing in place and snap ring installed I can move the bearing side to side is this normal for the rear wheel.

Thers no twisting movement with the rear wheel with the wheel installed on the bike as you would normaly have when a wheel bearing is going or is bad this what throwing me off.

Or is the hub just worn I know it a 12 year old bike.

If I just let go as is put new bearing kit and center spacer in the hub or should I just buy anouther wheel set for the bike.

The thing is the front rim needs to be replaced any ways so whats better new wheel set front and rear buy new beraings set and replace the front rim or both rims I like to have the Blake rim also but is worth it.

Should I stay with the 19 inch rear wheel or swap it out for a 18 it a desert bike.

We have this happen alot in the quad world. If our front hubs get old the bearings seem to pack the aluminum in the bore making the bearing a loose fit. I'd say it's time for a new hub, but you can try one thing.

With the bearings out use a pointy punch and put as many little punch marks as you can where the bearing rides in the hub. They need to be small but this will ''knerl'' the bore and make the bearing fit tight again.....but only for a little while.

A little JB weld is holding mine. I check it regularly, but it's been holding for some time now. You don't need much, but make sure it has a long time to cure.

If your bearing is really loose it probably isn't the best plan. On mine the bearing seated snug but a light tap was sufficient to dislodge it.

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