Rookie Jumper ?

I'm a rookie and have a question. I notice the advanced riders tapping the rear brake to bring the front wheel down when it's up. My assumption with the 426 is that a brake tap will immediately stall the motor resulting in an ugly landing. Is body position the only way to get the front wheel down? Does the brake tap work (clutch pulled or higher gear [less compression])etc.? Any help for this novice would be appreciated. Thanx.

I'm a beginner mx rider but have been riding for a couple of yrs. Yes the brake tap works in the air. I simply pull in the clutch in flight and then tap the brake. It will bring the front end down with out stalling the motor. Ive also stalled in the air and really you can land no problem, most of the time!!

Works fine, just make sure you have the clutch pulled in. Like m2g4b said, you can also land a stalled bike, just make sure you have the clutch pulled in then too (otherwise you'll find out what the underside of your front fender looks like).

The brake tap in the air does work. Its just hard to remember the drill at first when your worried about landing the bike safely. Another cool thing you can do is rev the bike just before landing (on the downslope) and shoot a huge plume of roost into the air. Looks & sounds & feels it gives speed boost when racing. If you ride at a track, watch the fast guys...they all do it.


Dont forget you can also hit the front brake and do the same thing.

I use the back brake on big jumps, but on technical jumps like short turning doubles where your bike and body is out of shape the front brake works great.

I know some 426 riders that uses the front brake exclusively.

Later, Jason


You mean applying front brake will lower the front end? If so, Im trying it this weekend. Sounds good...sometimes my right foot gets a little stupid and misses the back brake, but my index finger is always on that front brake lever. Thanks for the info.


Yes, that is correct. All you need is a tap and you will be suprised how quickly it will drop. Either wheel will work, next time your bike is on the stand spin the back wheel and jam the back brake, it will try to push the swing arm up which in turn pushes the front down.

Then spin your front wheel and tap the front brake and watch it pull the front down.

Its all Kinetic energy dude.

The faster your wheel is spinning the more effect you will have.

Just be sure and tap it and dont hold it to the ground or you may get a quick dirt meal.


Later, Jason

I first learned to drop my front by using my front brake, as it was too difficult for me to remember to pull clutch, and move my foot to tap the brake when my nose was coming up. I was too scared, trying to HANG ON!

It works almost just as good as tapping the rear. NOT QUITE THOUGH, as the front wheel has less mass, and is trying to lever the rear of the bike UP, not the front DOWN. (think about it. When you tap rear brake, the bike should pivot DOWN from the rear axle. Gravity assists in this. WHen you lock FRONT up....the bike pivots from the FRONT axle....trying to LIFT the rear of the bike AGAINST gravity. Thats why it's less effective. I am no science major, but that sounds good to a common sense person smile.gif )

ANYWAY, cannot restart the front wheel spinning once you stop it, so when you hit the ground, the front may do some funky crap, as it's going from 0 to 45 mph (or whatever speed you are going) in the blink of an eye.

Locking up the rear, you can restart the movement, and, in the event you lock the wheel when you didn't need can correct by a panic rev.... I've done it.

If you stall, hang on. I don't know how your 426's work, but my 520 will fire up as soon as I hit the ground. It throws me forward good, but it fires right up.

Before you worry about tapping the rear, work on getting the clutch pulled in the air.



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To answer your will it fire on landing question, I've had it do both. I've stalled it in the air in 3rd and had it relite when I landed, and I've also had it just lock up when I landed (and as someone else put it, I got a really good view of the underside of my front fender). I'm sure it would lite if I could just remember to pull the compression release but I haven't stalled it lately so I thankfully haven't had to practice this. smile.gif

Flying is right about the roost, but there is a physics explanation for being on the gas when you land as well. If the chain is under tension on landing, it effectively stiffens the rear suspension as well. It's sort of a torque thing. It resists the movement of the swingarm. I don't know all the figures, but I know this is the reason as well as looking cool!



Oh yea, another side benefit of being on the gas when you land is that if you are out of shape it can save you some scrapes and bruises (or broken bones/ego). I use this technique almost everytime I catch air! (Saving my butt that is!) Now you all know my secret! GAS GOOD! BRAKES BAD!


Thanks for all the good advice; I'll try them all.

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