What brand rim to buy

I getting ready to order a new set of rims but what brand do I ready need the high end rims or will the Off brand be good enought I dont race the bike it mostly fire road riding some single track type riding.

I try my best to avoid rocks they hurt when you fall on them LOL.

But most of the desert riding is Wide open high speed stuff.

I dont want a rim that I have worry about Collapsing on me at 80+ MPH.

I like the Black rims but how do they hold up in sand and gravel The Gold is next option but I know it looks kind of old school now.

The G-FORCE RICHTER I like the Mate black of the rims and hubs but I read that the wheel combo is not thet greatest but the price is right,

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And your reason why Excel.

I was leaning towards DID I like there Chains never let me down and the Bikes use to come with DID but the draw back is the cost.

oem excel, thats what the pros use, check ebay

I not saying Excel not one of the better or Best rims but I just making sure I just wont be paying for the Name.

I not racing it a play bike but I dont want a rim thats going to Collapse on me while I am in 5th gear and pinned wide open.

oem excel, thats what the pros use, check ebay

why would you risk running on cheap rims? I bought a great condition rear wheel, with tire with 95% tread, almost new sprocket, and wave rotor, Off of a 2008 yz 450 for $300 shipped. ebay is your friend

I would check out Warp 9 racing for some rims. I have a set of their super moto rims and they are nice. They come with hubs, gears, and rotor for a lot less then stock rims.

The 2009 wheels fit your 2003 bike my bike is a 2000 I just dont want to buy someones elses problem they trying to dump on to someone else as they use your money to buy a good set wheel for them selfs.

why would you risk running on cheap rims? I bought a great condition rear wheel, with tire with 95% tread, almost new sprocket, and wave rotor, Off of a 2008 yz 450 for $300 shipped. ebay is your friend

there is a site that parts out blown up 4 strokes, the wheel I bought had very little use, cant remember the name of his ebay store, extremepowersports I think.

The reason for recommending Excels is because they're a very high quality rim at a price that's not out of line with their quality. D.I.D.'s are a little lighter, but aren't nearly as strong.

Warp 9 is a low cost option that a lot of people have had quality/strength problems with.

How about DNA rims anyone.

I starting to look harder at Excel rims then once again which one.

If I go this way I going o use the stock hubs just remove the casting flaws so they are smouth and paint them.

I like the looks of Black rims but how do they hold up I know the stock rims look beat the rear is all dull and blasted from use how will the black look like after some use.

Black rims are going to show more wear than standard silver rims. If you are riding in a lot of gravel I'd avoid colored rims.

I run excel's on all my bikes and have good luck. I ride enough that I have to eventually replace my rims, but I've found the Excel's to be the best value and longest lasting out there. They aren't really that expensive either. Last wheel that I laced up, the spokes cost almost as much as the rim. When you have the wheel apart, that is a good time to clean up and powder coat the hubs.

If you're going with anodized rims, I would recommend gold. While it does eventually get scratched, it's not nearly as noticeable as a darker color. All my bikes have the gold rims. Honestly, if it wasn't for the fact that they already came with them or that I had to replace them, I would never go buy a set of rims just to get a different color.

Okay after reading the Posting silver Excels.

I am changing the front one out because it has a crack on one of the lips that you can see unlessI takethe rim it to work and NDI them who knows if there any more unseen cracks in them.

The bike almost 13 years old now so might as well put some new rims on it cheeper than buying a new bike that I only ride once every couple of months.

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How about DNA rims anyone.

Same thing as Warp 9.

Obviously excel and DID are solid choices, but they are not the only ones. I have bent every DID and Excel rim I have ever used. I have had great luck with the newest generation of Pro Wheel rims. I've ridden the crap out of 4 sets and they all held up great. I even ran a 20 minute moto with a flat rear tire that I got on the first lap, the rim held up amazingly well.

I recently got a set of SRT rims. They seem well built and so far have taken some solid hits without any issues. They are a newer company, but the product seems solid for the price. They cost around half the price of excels and are made of 7075 aluminum.

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