What is the nastiest thing ????

Riding on the back of a quad through a dairy farm road, a cow was giving birth by the raod, pretty nastey, the kid driving the quad makes no effort to slow down and just buzzes right by the cow, it freakes out and tries to stand up and run away as we go by and the thing just splits open and everything falls out of the cow, calf, guts, all kinds of stuff, the legs were out like it was doing a split,, I guese it just broke in half? :) Nasty. I also ran over a carcas off a ground hog I think it was and it got wound up in my rear sprocket and threw off the chain, I had to go did the thing out of my sprocket to get my chain back on the MX 100.

Conclusion from thread: Cows are nastey when they are not on a plate or between a roll!

This wasn't on a dirt bike but still not pleasant. When I was a kid we used to "ghost ride" our BMX bikes and jump them or whatever we could think of that would be cool to see happen without us on them. Well we found a small lip at the edge of the dirt road (about 3'tall) tht had a tangled rusty nasty barbed wire fence at the top of it. We took turns ghost riding our bikes into the jump and watching them hit the fence and fly all over the place. Well my buddy decided to do it to my other friends bike without him knowing about it. Unfortunately the bike had the infamous "banana seat". He got going as fast as he could, let go of the bars and (tried) to slide off the back. Got caught on the banana seat and hit the barbed wire fence head on. Just a nice even distribution of holes and rusty wire literally tangled in his skin. There's no cow sh*t, but still not much to look at when your 12 years old...

Me and three others were riding deep into the Florida Everglades. We stopped trailside because my buddy had to take an emergency dump. The whole time he was in the woods crapping he was laughing and telling us how it was the longest turd a man ever let loose. He wiped his butt with his sox.

When he came out he kept talking about his foot long turd. We heard rustling in the bushes behind him and when we looked the turd was gone. Hungry animals I guess.


NASTY STORY, you asked for it.

About ten years ago I was playing EMT sweep rider in a grand prix, picked my favorite (someones gonna eat it) spot and sure enough I watched a guy on a KX take a full grown saguaro cactus out of the ground with his body :) After we dequilled enough of him to get him in the ambo I rode his porcupine KX, bent bars and all back to the pits.

It involves a road bike...

I was driving along a 3 lane road, on a clear day in the middle lane with a guy on a road bike in front of me and an 18 wheel truck in the other lane... I am sort of 20 metres back from the back of the truck, and the bike is ahead of me, in my lane, beside the truck... the road curves and I see the truck tyres lock up and the puffs of smoke, so I stop... then, I see the helmet bounce out from between the trailers wheels... as I am watching this (all in slow motion of course) I see that the helmet is still strapped onto the head of the poor rider...

I got out of my car and vomited on the road until I had nothing left to vomit up... I was about 20 or so at the time... That was the worst bike related incident I have witnessed... Most of my own escapades are merely for the amusement of bystanders... :):D


When he came out he kept talking about his foot long turd. We heard rustling in the bushes behind him and when we looked the turd was gone. Hungry animals I guess.

And on that note, Happy Thanksgiving!


I was riding with my father way back in a secluded riding area called love creek. We found a natural table top type job while trail riding. I was in the lead and jumped it first...Problem was that we didn't check it out for safety first. Turns out the top of the natural jump was covered in head size roundish boulders. I luckily landed between them without issue...but I knew that kind of luck wouldn't likely be repeated. I dismounted as quickly as I could trying to ward off my father from making the jump...didn't make it though...he came flying up and over, and just as I feared, he came down dead square on top of the biggest worst darn rock up there. It sent him and the bike off and down sideways. His throttle stuck in the soft ground in the full tilt pegged position, which sent the bike in to violent convulsions on the ground. Problem was that my father was still mounted on the bike in riding position sideways on the ground. Within a few seconds I was able to get to him and pull the bike off of him. Now for the nasty part...when he came down, his right foot peg sunk itself squarely into his right leg, to the hilt. When the throttle pegged, and sent the bike thrashing, it started the put peg moving its way down his leg. By the time it was done, the peg had traveld about 6 inches through the soft material of his leg. This left a huge discusting gaping hole in the lower section of his leg. :) I was there quick enough to witness the blood well up. Before the blood filled to whole, I was able to see all the wierd little tendons, ligements, muscles, bone, and whatever else is in a leg...not pretty. He started loosing a lot of blood, we're talking lots of blood....seemed like gallons. We used everything we could find to put as much pressure as possible on the leg and stop the bleeding. He kept passing out, and going limp...this made it really hard to get him back to the rig. After about 45 minutes of slow going, we made it and went straight to the E.R. About a billion stitches and grafts later we went home. First thing in the morning we ordered new dirt bike boots. Had he been waring them in the first place, it probably wouldn't have happened at all.

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