Big difference with IMS pegs on the pig

Just bought IMS pegs and replaced the stock ones. What a difference they are twice as wide and my feet dont hurt or cramp up on long rides any more! Great mod for the pig. :)

I also thought they made a good difference for me too. I'd buy them again :)

Wide pegs are one of best mods I have made to my BRP. They are much stronger, safer and COMFORTABLE. :)

I like the IMS too. You can tell the difference if you do much standing.

Stonewall Buddy! Keep those avators coming! Dang! I like the view in Virginia! :):D

one problem, that little blue thing is in the way..... :)

How much does a set of those cost? I work at a weld and fabrication shop and was thinking of just modifying my stock ones to make them wider. Would that just be a waste of time?? :)

They did coost some $$$ but they are worth it. They are cast so. they won't bend like seal one or the stock ones (that's why I had to get some). The're real sharp so, you grip great. Down side is they tare up the bottom of my cheap O'Neals! They don't bother Alpen Stars. :)

The very first thing I did to BRP. IMS pegs are by far worth the $$$$$

I got some pegs FREE, they're about 1/2" wider than the stock ones. Have not ridden them yet. How much larger than stock are the IMS? Cost? What other foot mods are cool/practical, like shifter or brake?

IMS pegs are awesome, only downer, they hurt like hell when I hit my knees on them, very sharp!!! I have done this a few times while working on the beast.

The great thing about them other than being larger is that the majority of the platform is back farther and closer to the rear axel, Trials bikes do this to aid in balance and handleing it puts more of your wieght back to help with a lighter front end feel. Just an observation. My buddy who rides a wr has some fastway which are more forward and I thought that was kind of a design flaw. IMS are great :)

I only have one. :D:)


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