Cheap Headlight Bulb Replacement

After almost 2K miles of whoops the cheesey stock headlight bulb on the BRP went out. I talked to the shop that I normally deal with (not a dealer) and they claim that they can only get the single element bulbs from Honda. I stopped by the local Honda dealer and they wanted $6.79 for a stinken bulb before they added sales tax! :)

So I went in search of a cheaper alternative, and found the A-3603 style bulb. It has the same flange as the stock bulb but has two 25W elements. So I ran a fat bead of solder between the two contacts on the bottom and now I have a 50W bulb. A two pack cost me $4.95, and when one element goes I will have a 25W left to get me home.

Brighter, cheaper, a bit of redundancy before total failure and zero mods to the bike. It seems like a good solution so I thought I would pass it on. :D

Cool. Thanks for the tip! :)

Great idea an easy way to make it even brighter is to purchase a glass lens baja designs has them not too much money and, much better than the plastic one the pig comes with

that is a great money saver but the other alternative is: run a glass lense ($25) with a very expensive H3 PIAA xtreme white bulb ($36). the cost is much more than what you guys pay but I just got back from pre-running the baja 1000 in two days (solo) and let me tell you that you need a real good light to do a serious ride like this. I started the ride in san diego and ended in san diego. round trip was almost 900 miles of nasty baja terrain in 2 very long days!!! I'm glad to pay top dollar for the performance!!! I guess it depends where and how you ride. :)

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