sorry but last q on flywheel weight

just ordered the 12oz one from terrycable.

i wonder how can i b sure that i put it in the center of the flywheel? didnt get it yet though.... but want to b prepared


This is an old post, you will find plenty of info by searching keyword "flywheel" in this forum.

Good Luck, Keith

BTW: Where do you live in Israel, I frequent there for work and see lots of enduro bikes on the streets. Is there much off-road riding available? I love the way traffic laws are ignored by scooters and motorcycles,

must make for a lot of head injuries!

Just finished mounting 12oz. weight from Stroker ($42.00 + shipping) on '99 YZ. I bolted it on (bolts provided) so I could have the option of quick removal or change. You can send your flywheel to Stroker or A-loop (I think) to be welded on. The Stroker weight is slightly oversized, it fits over the back of the rotor. Therefore, much time is needed to assure centering of the weight on the rotor. I used shims to position on center then C-clamped together. You will need to drill through the rotor, I would recommend a press if available. You must center your pilot hole in rotor to match predrilled threaded holes of weight. I used some plastic drywall anchors and inserted them into the weight holes to use as a guide for drilling. Once pilot hole are done unclamp and complete drilling to size. I sequentially went up in drill size until bolt would fit (17/64 I think). You must also counter-sink holes as the bolts go in from the outside of rotor and screw into weight. If left sticking out they would hit inside of mag cover. Lots of patients here. The bolts do not have to be flush but 2mm is about as high out as you can go. A roto-tool works well here. I suppose you could also take a little material from the inside of the mag cover, it is only tight a the indent for the shifter. I did need to fine tune my rotor holes with a roto-tool to align weight on center. Even with a press drill bits will walk. I also rigged up my bench grinder as a pseudo lathe and attached the flywheel with new weight and checked for run-out using the adjustable guide of the grinder. I probably could have skipped this step as it yielded nothing and it took a while to rig the flywheel on the grinder. High -temp lock-tite or equivalent is an absolute must here for the bolts for the weight. I also used lock-tite on flywheel bolt. I think any good machinist could do the job for you or a welder for that matter. You will need a flywheel puller and a rotor holding tool as well as all the usual stuff (torque wrench etc.) Could probably get away without holding tool. I am not sure but I think 12oz. may be the limit for bolt-on. Size of weight would depend on the type of riding you do. I happen to ride a lot of tight technical stuff and rock / rooted hills. The weight keeps the bike chugging through this stuff and reduces stalling. The weight does flatten out the hit a bit, but there is more than enough left for me. Good luck, feel free to post of e-mail with questions.


hi keith

i live in givataim, its 2min from t.a and i work in t.a in a bank.

what ru doing in israel? u can give me a call if u want and i can get u a bike 4 w/e from a friend if u want. i have a trailer and lots of good places to ride....

my celiular is 972-54-627211

or from israel 054-627211


I am a medical researcher at the University of Maryland and work with some investigators in Israel on several studies. I usually stay in Tel Aviv or the last 2 times Herzliya. Most of my work is in Raanana. I had a trip planned for this month but it has been delayed for obvious reasons. I should be going before the years end and would love to do some riding. Haven't got a chance to do that much traveling when I am there, just the usual tourist stuff. Good luck with the flywheel install, you will like the difference! My e-mail is, keep in touch


Have you been up to New Jersey lately? Ive been riding at Chatsworth alot. Give me a yell if you what to check it out sometime.


Hey Mike,

As a matter of fact I just raced an enduro 2 weeks ago that started right from Chatsworth.

It was some good trail, miles of whoops, and they sent us on the quad track and the MX track in Chatworth as part of the run. Talk about fish out of water. Get my off those doubles and triples!!! Loved the woods and had a great day in the whoops! I loved to come up and do some riding, I have one more enduro, the Delaware National, next weekend. Maybe the first or second week of November? Let me know.

Take care, Keith

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