Twin Palms MX in Houston?

Any Houston area riders have an update on the opening of the new Twin Palms track that the Mills Road owner is building??

FYI...Here's a quote from a post at the RaceDirect website's "Track Communicator". (see more at Sounds like late October.

"Three Palms.....


Well were still trying to get things in order for the city concerning our permits for this "commercial development". It's very frustrating to me because I like getting things done in a bit quicker fashion than most of our fellow city workers. A more realistic opening date will be towards the end of October. Fortunatly, the permit will include the lighting and the irrigation system so getting everything in order is very important.

I have had the oppertunity to visit the new track in Splendora Tx. and I must say the track is awsome. The dirt is very similar to the dirt at Three Palms, it's wide, and the jumps are "big". For all the people who liked Mills, you will love this place. Plenty of shaded pit area, and a great track.

As for me, I should be able to ride by the time we get our permits from the city. We will keep you informed on our progress.

Thanks, Emil" posted 9/30/01

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