Can I slide the forks up (and how far) on the 2012 YZF 450?

Can I slide the forks up (and how far) on the 2012 YZF 450? Bronco

i got mine slid up 5mm, dont see why ya couldnt go further, depends wat ya lookin for i guess

As stated, depends what you're looking for. Make sure rear sag is set first before fine tuning the fork height.

The limit to how far you can move the fork up in the clamp is defined by the outer fork tube. Looking at the portion that fits into the clamps, you'll see how far below the clamp the area machined to match the clamp extends. When they've moved up to the end of that, that's the limit. You may also find that contact with the handlebars may limit the upward movement.

There are two lines scribed on the tops of the tubes, 5 and 10mm from the top. Use these for reference, or measure them to match. Having both of them absolutely matching is not critical beyond a couple of millimeters, but get them close to the same height. I run mine up 14mm, but it's an '06.

Mine is best with the forks flush, if its turning your looking for, make sure your bars are in the forward position, makes all the difference

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