Reassembly help- diagram showing which bolts go where?

Reassembling the basket case 426 and I'm down to figuring out the mess the previous owner left for me. All the bolts were just dumped into a plastic bin... I thought I saw a diagram somewhere in the manual showing what length bolt goes where but now I can't find it. I'm mostly worried about the clutch cover/side cases since there are 3-4 different lengths of bolts in various places. Any help anyone?

im not sure about the 426 but for the 450 at the general section of the factory service manual (specifically, maintenance specifications) it will list all bolt sizes for most items, qty, and tq specs.

there is a link for a manual. for future reference that link (and also another) can be found at the very bottom of the sticky "common mods, problems and faqs" sticky here on the yz450/426 thread.

The parts fiche may help. Most of the part numbers of the case screws will tell you the length of the bolt in millimeters. For example, the part number, 95027-06030-00 is a 6mm bolt, 30mm long. The info is in the center set of numbers. Unfortunately, that system isn't applied consistently with all of them, but it is with quite a few.

If you sorted your bolts into separated sets as you disassembled, it should be pretty easy. What you're looking for is a fairly uniform amount of thread engagement per each fastener. That means that as you drop the bolts into their holes, the heads of all of them should be about the same distance above the cover surface before you tighten them. Going by this will usually keep you out of any sort of trouble.

I'm too anal retentive... when I disassemble something I make sure to somehow track what bolts came from where. I bought this bike partially disassembled and everything was just thrown in one big box- bolts, parts, etc. I'll just have to spend a little time and try to figure it out as best I can.

Funny, because one of my first jobs as a professional MC wrench was to put together a Matchless 500cc single from a box or two of bulk loose parts. That would have been a fairly good challenge as it was except for the fact that I had never seen the insides of one before that, and was almost completely unfamiliar with the engine. But the boss was sympathetic; he gave me one to tear down and look at. No manual, sorry.

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