Phillips Racing Fuel B32

Does anyone else run this fuel in their bikes? (Phillips B32 110 octane / blue)

I have used it with a 1:1 mixture with pump gas and my bike runs very well. I have read many of the posts on race fuel and I am now considering using it 100%.

I have read that some fuels cause a richer or leaner mixture.

Just wondering if anyone else uses this fuel and what I should expect when running it straight.

B 32 is an excellent choice for the 426. While I haven't used it personally, what I've heard so far is nothing but raves. Generally, non-oxygenated fuels will make your engine run richer and leaner jetting is required to compensate. Oxygenated fuels such as VP MR2 requires richer jetting. To derive the most benefit from using race fuels, you must jet crisp. Otherwise, it's a waste of money and you will be very disappointed. If you are willing to do the jetting, the results are quite satisfying.

ya, not to mention, its better for your bike too,but don't contaminate race fuel with pump gas, run one or the other...



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Boit is right on the money. Phillips B35 is also oxygenated and for an oxygenated fuel is priced very reasonable compared to VP MR1 and MR2. I've heard it works very well in the YZFs too, although I haven't tried it. By the way MR1 is what Team Yamaha ran in their bikes this past season, very expensive though.

Where do you get it at by chance? I used to get Sunoco Race fuel for my bikes at a local gas station that handled it for the local NASCAR track but they recently quit.


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You can go here to find a distributor near you, either on the website or you can call them. They are very helpful.

Just a the 426's handle the race gas better than the 400's? Recall that they do not recommend race gas in the engines because the "carb seals and roller bearings don't like it"???


that is complete and utter bovine exhaust.

since the day i got my 250F (dec 15) it has ONLY had race gas in it (VP C12, Howell 002).

for 2 years i ran those fuels in my '98yz250 as well. you probably got this info from one of the mis-information rags that amount to a glossy form of really bad toilet paper.

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