New 2011 wr450! Couple of things...

Well, I guess I'm a wr450 guy now. I just picked up a very slightly used (less than 200 miles!) 2011 wr450 with all free mods done, FMF Ti exhaust, re-sprung and re-valved suspension, handguards, rad guards, skidplate, etc. I'm coming off a 2002 Suzuki DRZ400E, and I absolutley love this thing. It's everything loved about the DRZ, just better in every way. I do, however, have a couple of small things to remedy that my searches have not answered. First of all, I switched to reserve yesterday at 39 miles :( I was hoping to get a (slightly) larger tank that is not a huge, bulbous eyesore like I have on my YZ250, that i rack my nuts on. Anyone have one they like that maybe comes in black? Also, that seat is like a soft brick. My ass has never been so sore, great way to get me up on the pegs! Is there such a thing as a lower/softer seat? Thanks for any input.

Guts makes some different density seat foam, but I don't believe any are lower than stock. But with there softest option, you would settle into in farther, and perhaps that would be low enough?

get an IMS.

When I do rides over 80 miles on my 426, I where padded bicycle shorts. Helps a lot.

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