revloc vs z-start

Just make sure ALL the parts are there before you start the install....

I got mine last week, read the "Required Parts List" and confirmed everything listed was there. They spec Loctite 243 as a threadlocker, took me a couple days and some phone calls to find it. Did the install Monday night and found that a spacer is required to retain the stock cover. The spacer was nowhere to be found and was NOT listed in the parts list! :D

I called Rekluse Tues. morning and they say they shipped it that day by Next-Day air.....I'm still waiting for the damn thing and my WR is still laying on my living room floor. :)

Wasting LOTS of good riding days in the process, too! I'm PISSED, if the spacer had been listed, I wouldn't have started the install until I had the damn thing in my hands with the rest of it! UPS SUCKS BIG DONKEY DONG!! :D

Hopefully, it's worth all the BS....


I want to personally apologize for the mixup on shipping of the gaskets with the z-Start. In our transition from GenII to GenIII z-Starts we have gone to shipping one or two (depending on the bike, the big YZs need two) thick gaskets instead of the spacer. We've been busting our butts in the transition and we had a few products go out without the right parts. Again, I apologize. I'll check into it personally tomorrow to make sure the right stuff has been sent.

I also wanted to address the issue of MX and the z-Start as this is one of the key differences between all other auto clutches and the z-Start. The z-Start centrifugal mechanism sits between a rigid aluminum Pressure Plate and a flexible Top Plate. The Top Plate acts a spring which limits the total force the z-Start pushes into the clutch pack.

The z-Start will put between 300# and 500# of force into the clutch pack (depending on how much installed gap between the z-Start and the clutch pack). Other auto clutches put all of the force of the centrifugal mechanism into the clutch pack (can easily exceed 1000# at redline). Too much force and the clutch can't absorb shocks coming through the driveline and you get broken gears. We have close to 500 of these in the field for over a year, lots of guys racing MX and I have not had a single report of a failed transmission.

Another advantage of the flexible Top Plate is that you get a more traditional and consistent clutch lever feel to override the engagement of the z-Start. You can also bounce the engine off the rev limiter with the clutch lever pulled in on the z-Start (with just a bit of creeping). You can't override the clutch past mid-rpms with other auto clutches.

The downside is that the z-Start needs to be mounted within an installed gap window (generally .035" to .050") to get the proper force into the clutch. With the older units, you used mountin shims to adjust the installed gap, which was difficult for some. We now supply thicker/thinner drive plates to fine tune your clutch pack height, much easier. For most people, adjusting the installed gap is a once a year proposition.

Of course there's also no need to modify any of your stock parts with the z-Start, external adjustment, etc. Personally, I believe it's the best product at the best price but I'm a little biased.

Has anyone thought about using a dead man killswitch? because when you crash, and your bike cant stall, what happens if your injured or unconcious and cant get to your kill switch? wouldnt your bike just starve for oil and seize? this is pretty much the only thing thats keeping me from getting one.

It should be easy to rig a dead man killswitch on a dirt bike. I installed a key switch from a yamaha atv on my wr but at first that is what I wanted to install. You only have to find a proper location where the cable will not get snag off by a branch and kill the engine .

I think if I crash and I am unconscious, the last thing I give a crap about is the bike!!! :)

Having been there and done that :) when you do come around you may need a working bike to get you out of the woods. I remember the start of the crash and I did finish the Canadian ISDE qualifier but I don't remember much else about that day. Some friends that were riding about three minutes behind me when they came upon the divot and said that I looked like I was coming off a 3 day bender. I have no memory of talking to them. That was 15 years ago and some people say i'm still dozy :D

willy fitz

Thanks Al....the envelope was waiting for me when I got home last night, got it all buttoned up and ready to ride by ~4AM, but couldn't ride today. Had a couple things I had committed to doing, sooooo, I'll do some tuning tomorrow after work and prob'ly get in a decent ride on Sunday, again after work(gotta start at 9AM on the weekends....I hate OT, but sure do like the paycheck :) ).

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