2011 YZ 450 F Service

I have an 11 450f, it has about 67 hours on it. Most of that being on the snow with a timbersled ountain horse kit, and the rest on mostly tight single track woods riding.

I am wanting to go through the bike and make sure everything is in good shape for the up coming season. It gets rugular oil changes, and a clean airfilter.

I need some suggestions on what maintinence you would do to the bike for piece of mind.


Basically what the book says, check valve clearance, clean and re-grease all the linkage bearings, steering head bearings, lube the cables. prolly a top end.

I've got a '10 I purchased used with about 100 hrs on it. If I can put a plug in for a maintenance item, do oil changes OFTEN. When checking your valves, also check your cam chain and the wear on the cam teeth. IMO, the tensioners and/or the cam chains are poorly designed by Yamaha (I've heard a report from a friend of mine who's connected to the powers at Yamaha Canada corporate saying pro level riders are only getting 25-30 hrs on a chain...) - I'm now on my THIRD cam chain - my last 2 chains stretched over 3/8" - that shouldn't happen. I don't think the previous owner changed oil enough, or the great breather tube problem we YZ owners love to hate is allowing dirt/sand into the engine after a big crash (i.e. the dunes..). I think the teeth on the crankshaft sprocket that drives the cam chain get worn easily as well. Anyhow, keep that engine as clean as you can..

You might want to review the oil you're using, or the oil change interval. I replace my cam chains every year as a matter of maintenance. They generally have over 50 hours of off-road riding and desert racing on them by that time, and not one has ever been stretched more than a very small amount, certainly nothing close to 3/8".

When doing a top end, change the cam chain. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I ride MX only, in B/Vet and I'll put a new top end in at 65-70 hours. I replace my cam chains every 50 hours, it's cheap insurance. I also service my suspension every 20 hours, fork/shock fluids get replaced. I find it kinda funny that a lot of guys spend big $$ to have their suspension revalved by Factory Connection, PC or who-ever and then they never service it. Worn shock fluid will make your rear end feel like a bag of hammers... re-valved or not.

I used to service it (susp) every 30 hours, and I would notice a dramatic difference in feel. That got me wondering, how many hours had I been riding with it like that ? So, I dropped my interval to 20 hours. I still notice a difference, just not as big..

Mind you, I'm not familiar with how much woods riding beats up on susp. fluids, I wouldn't think it's quite as hard on it as MX but I could be wrong.

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