best 50/50 rear tire

I'll be on road as much as off with my XRR (it's on the truck, should be here next Weds!)What brand/type/size rear tire will hold up best? I'd prefer a tire that was best for trail riding & ok on the street traction wise. But would like to not have to change it weekly. I read pirelli 21's, terraflex 2, & Maxxis IT's, but I think I'll be forced to be on the road more than most.

Dunlop 606

Well, back when i used to to alot of dual sporting i never really found a great tire for on and off...the DOT approved tires did great on the street but pretty much sucked on the dirt and the dirt tires on the street were great in the dirt but got seriously torn up on the street. I cant speak for the other tires, but i would highly discourage the Maxxis IT's on the street...just a few trips up and down the street on my YZ and they get hammered pretty quick, but you can beat em(for hte price) in the dirt Good luck!

Check out either IRC or Bridgestone. They both make "daul purpose" tires that work and wear well on the street.

I have the (tiny) stock Bridegstone Trail Wings on my XR650L. They work marginally on the dirt and are fairly smooth at high speed on pavement. No weird wobbles or vibrations.

My next set of tires will be the DOT approved Pirelli MT 21's, front and rear. Personally I like big block nobs for street riding. Never had any problems with them on my older XL500R's & XL600R's. They just wear more quickly on the pavement.

Ive used the dunlop 606 and the Pirelli MT 21's. The dunlop 606 is an indestructable tire but it does not function well in soft or loose stuff such as trail silt, gravel or sand. Other than that it does fine on the trails. I found the Pirelli to be adequate on all types of ground. Not exceptional but acceptable for a dual sport tire and it had good wear. You will always be giving something up in a dual sport tire. My vote would go with the Pirelli.


The Pirelli can't be beat for the riding your talking about and it dose better on wet pavement then the 606. I like it much better in the dirt and it wears about the same as the 606. 130/90 18 RalleyCross M21 they make a 140/80 M21 also. :)

what does it take to put a 140 on & not tear anything up?

The only tire that has some problems, is the Tera Flex 140/80. It will rub if your bike still has the stock sub frame bend. The bike comes from the factory with the sub frame bent to the left side.(look behind your bike if you haven't fixed it you'll see it) It takes a lot of tweeking to get it straight. I makes it so the Tire rubs on the muffler and the tire weighs two pounds more then any other tire so, when you get up to speed it grows and rips up the mud guard, if you have a stock setup. Some go to a 13 tooth counter shaft sprocket and that fix's that. I used a differnt chain on the last one and was fine. Now I have a different rim with a 46 tooth sprocket for the Tera Flex. It's the biggest baddest tire. It's DOT and steal belted. It works great on the road and awesome off road. It dosen't do real well on hard pack with a light loose top. If you put one on people will stop and look at it. It's a scary looking tire, made in the U.S.A.. The IRC fits fine on a stock bike. My sub frame is straight so, I don't know if it would rub a little on the muffler or not. Then again, you got to be getting air, or be over 190# to use that much suspension.

I'm WAY over 190# ! Try 240 !


Check out the Continental TKC80 dual sport tire.

i'm right with you at 230, don't feel bad

If you want 50/50 these are the best (510)

I get about 800 useful miles out of my D606's these (on the back) give me

over 2000 miles easy and they hook pretty well off road. I run the stock

Dunlop front, it holds up well on the road and keeps the front end good and

sticky off road.

PS I'm 235 ..... gotta be a big boy to ride a R :censored:

I have the kenda 270 now, will probably go back to a 606 when it wears out.

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