Diving into it....

Got my '04 XRL, 85 miles so far, and am starting the un-cork. Took out the carb last night, a [@#$%&!] as all carbs seem to be. Am going to put the (mildly sized) jets in, and noticed a stop on one of the screws beneath the throat. Is this the air screw? Why is it stoppered?

Pulled the smog stuff off, tonight I'll make the block plates. Snorkles out, Unifilter in, tires mounted, and the guys want to go to Walker Valley to see if I still know how to ride :) (that's for them). The trail will tell, eh?

Great forum, got some great input already during my "lurker" period. THANKS!

Howdy - Walker's been pretty snotty the past couple of weeks, they've logged along the North trail, and cut off Pat's trail (methinks that's the right one). You might want to think about gearing down if you're gonna be doing most of your riding at Walker. Have fun! :)

I haven't been to Walker Valley in years, but do remember it for being a slick, root-infested, sweat-breaking, mud-caked place. Hence my motivation to LOOSE the stock tires and put a 14 sprocket on. I kinda got loose at the shop and got the jets and fat footpegs and then went home and rrrriippppeeddd the bike apart. To pull the smog stuff off there was a small hose to re-route, and it was MUCH easier to do with the carb out, so I used the excuse that I had these jets in my pocket...

So anybody know about that screw?

Hey Archer. A year or so ago I installed the "Baja Designs" XRL re-jet kit in a friends 650 along with a "Thumper Racing" exhaust baffle and "Uni-Filter". The "BD" kit instructions required, along with the new jets, the removal of the cast-in air screw stop for proper tuning with the larger jets (cut, or file it off) and the drilling of a second specifically sized hole in the CV Vacuum piston to reduce pressure diferential across the piston. He was a new rider at the time but came back from the test ride grinning ear to ear, saying he was scared to open it wide due to the increased power. It's a good idea to have the Honda carb. gasket/O-ring kit on hand before tearing into the mod. Check-out the XR650L section of Baja Designs web-site for details on these mods. Ride on.

Thanks Tarkus. I know about the slide hole mod, but I'm going to wait until I get a pipe to go any further. For the pilot jet stock is 50, i'm going to 52 now 55 later (I think). The main will step the same (155 to 158). I don't want to go too much for fear of spending the day (rain predicted) fiddling with the carb on my new bike in the woods while everybody else is done and beering at the trucks! I also read somewhere about an easy mod to the stock pipe that I'll look at to get even a little more vent.

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