1999 WR400F

I pickup a 1999 wr400f , when I tried to crank it backfired an broke stop in case . Order parts and back together , three kicks running . Pulled carb cleaned the hell out of it , changed out coolant to . I am so glad to be on this forum , I am 66 years young looking to get out in the woods . Is there mod or updates I need to do ? Thanks Dan

Congratulations! Read all the pinned forums. But mostly it's a reliable dirt bike with a four stroke motor. Service suspension, check valves, tune to suit your needs and enjoy.

Welcome to ThumperTalk Dan! And welcome to the Yamaha family! As Rocky said, the Yamaha's are very reliable when maintained correctly. The three best things you can do for your machine are the following:

1: Get a Yamaha manual. This will save you hours looking up torque specs, cable routing, etc. etc..

2: Check your valve clearances! One reason that your machine might have backfired is a tight valve. It's not the only reason, but tight valves will shorten the lifespan of your bike!

3: If you have any questions, look on ThumperTalk! Were all here to help!!! :thumbsup:

Thanks I have a manual , the carb was over flowing put in new needle and seat . Now it is running time to check valves . I have a ball reading this sight , alot of great info . Thanks

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