I polished my bars and installed new throttle tube and bike wont start

98 yz 400f. So what am missing I had just rode the bike and it always starts easy. At first i was assuming it was flooded cuz of me pulling the throttle so much trying to adjust it, so i pull the plug and it is soaked. I wanted a new plug anyway so i buy another and put it in and bike still dont start. I check spark and its getting fire. Im getting fuel to carb and the bowl is filling up. I pull new plug and it still dry and looks like its not getting gas now. Hmmmm So i assume the carb needs to be primed so i put new plug in and pull thottle a few times and try to start and nothing. I pull plug and its flooded again so i pull subframe and air box and make sure the jet is shooting fuel now and it is, so now im just letting it air out im gonna try tomorrow with new plug any ideas am i going in the right direction

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Check the wiring of the kill switch. You may have pinched one when you were working on the bars. (Check for spark)

She has good spark

it was just not getting gas and i was afraid to flood it. I googled cold start instructions and it said to twist throttle twice and that worked to prime it and once it caught i gave it throttle and she ran good.

Pull the compression release kick though at least 5 times turn on the gas turn on the choke put the motor on TDC then try to start it.

Do NOT twist the throttle you will flood the bike.

Are you sure the throttle is closing all the way do you hear it snap all the way closed when you release the throttle tube.

The other day my 426 was beening a pain to start for some unknow reason normaly my bike is very easy to start I had to keep the throttle cracked open a little bit for it to start try that.

If this dont help hold it wide open and see if it fires up.

What color is your spark coming out of the spark plug it self.

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