02 YZ426

If I recall this was the last model of 426's before the 450 came out,

Were there any known issues with them? Thinking of taking over a mates 426 which he had freshly rebuilt. I sold my Wr450 a couple of years ago and I miss the blue pig.

Anything to look out for?

wooooot. where are the gurus?

There great bikes. Just do the regular maints on her and she'll give ya hrs' of great times. I have an '01 that runs great.

Yes, the whole starting procedure, witch took me a whole day to get used to. I would go TDC down two clicks and back up to start it. At least no one can steal it unless they plan on pushing. If you don't know how to start this bike than good luck to you. I went about four years of riding it and being a buddy bike before I had the valves & piston replaced. Not to much negative to say other than the high center of gravity. The guy I sold it to had to replace the water pump seal in 2010.

I've played with the bike and she runs good. Less power than my 450 but very rideable and no crazy surprises anywhere. Nothing like the other 04 Yz450 which was either on or off. Sort of like a 250F with more power.

The bike broke a valve not too long ago and uhhh, well we had to rebuild the topend.

Got some parts from your neck of the woods (US) and she was running good except for maybe a tight valve or something ticking a little in the top end. It was then accidentally ran without water and had to fix that and right now we are just sorting out the shims and the sticky valve.

On a good day, I could start it first kick (without decomp) and on a bad day... HOLY Crap, I would kick and kick and kick... and kick some more.

Are the timing chains issues on these bikes too? (like the 450)

any comments on the kibble white valves?

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