2012 YZ 450 hard starting

My bikes, both the 2012 and 2011 are hard to start when hot in gear. If I take the time and put it in neutral it starts right away. Bikes start well when cold. I am using the Marmount map, slightly modified on the low end (more fuel) Anyhow, wonder if anyone else is having similar problems. Not a problem doing moto, but I am thinking of using my old bike for a harescrambles this weekend. Dead engine start.

This is not a valve related issue. Just doesn't like to start in gear when hot. Out of gear, first kick.

I use 1000 cc of Devlac oil. Stock air filter cage with GYTR air filters. One bike has 6 hours, other has 82. Both hard to start when warm, in gear. Always been that way

I know of no YZ450 that's ever been consistently easy to start in gear. Typically, there is just too much clutch drag in gear to get them to spin fast enough to start reliably unless the clutch is in near perfect condition. If mine lights right up for me, I usually do a Kevin Windham style shift into second (bring the back of the boot heel up under the lever as I raise my foot) and take off like that.

I would say that allmost all 450 fourstrokes are hard to start in gear !

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