2010 running issues

Its a 2010. Getting hard to start and feels flat when running. Put in new plug. No good.Checked system with Yamaha scanner. No codes.Checked valves, all in spec. Put on gas tank from New 2012. No good. Checked Tps, its 0 wen not running. So is the new 2012. Started the new 12, TPS at1-2 at 4000rpm. Started the 10 ,1-2 at 4000 rpm. let set a couple days. Tried starting the 10 ( 75 degrees out) and wouldnt start at all. Pulled the enrichner knob and started and sounded good till it warmed up. Pushed in knob and runs crappy again. Bad injector? Keep fuel in VP cans and very picky about cleanl fuel. 2 gal C-12 with 3 gal 93 oct. Both bikes use same gas, so no problem with it. Any thoughts? Also, never have had to use the enrichner before.

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Just did a valve adjustment on my 10, checked the tps and the manual says -2 to 2 at idle and 4 to 6 wide open. I could only get my tps down to 1.5 to 2 and max out at 4.5. I rode it after the service and ended up with a flat spot about 1/4 throttle, same today when I rode it for an exteded period of time. Will check plug tomorrow. I am running ethanol free 92. Curious to see what you come up with.

Just took the ECU from the 12 and put on 10. still same crap. Going to pull the valve cover off both bikes and look at cams. Im wondering if the cam gear has slipped.

Funny you mention the problems. They are exactly the same issues I had on my '10. We tackled everything listed, and finally check the cams....sure enough, the gears spun. Threw in a set of hot cams and it's perfect. Sorry you had the chase the same issues I had.

Just checked the cam gears and clearence. All perfect. Swapped reg/rectifier and runs great. started on second kick.

Is there not a way to check the regulator/rectifier? Glad you found the problem. How many hours do you have on it?

its got 42.5 hours. Ive had 11 yzfs since 98 and never had one go bad. Easy to change!

Here is one for you, Trying to adjust the TPS with my GYTR EFI tuner. The manual says 12-21 degrees. When the tuner is plugged in I can adjust the TPS from -9 to 0 to +5 then it jumps all the way to 79 degrees. I ended up putting it on 0 and the error code went away. I uploaded a new FI map and it seemed to run clean and strong. Has anyone else had these adjustment values??

I couldnt understand the TPS thing either. manuel says the 12-21 but both of my 12s say 0 when not running and it takes 4000 rpm to get in to change. Same on the 10. o when not running

Bike had been running great since the adjustment. Going to pull the plug tomorrow and change the oil. I tried the Jay Marmot map and it has been a fun couple of days. Really letting it rip.

I had about the same problem with two bikes and with the use of the yamaha scanner no faults. The scanner can't see the killswitch I replaced them on both bikes and they are perfect again. The bike bike will run above idle with a defective kill switch in lower rpm it will stop.

Plug is burning at correct temp, My bike is back to normal. Love the scanner. Still would like more info on tps settings if anyone has the proper degrees.

With throttle closed you must have min. 15 degees and max. 19 degrees.

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